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Saturday June 17: 20X Shoppers Optimum Points


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Popped into Shoppers yesterday and saw that today is a 20X the Optimum Points day!!! I made sure to only buy the one thing I went in for, and am heading back today to stock up on all the usual supplies that I'd normally buy sporadically as needed. You need to spend a minimum of $50, but as we all know, that isn't hard to do ;)

Flyer: http://www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/english/flyer/01_ontario_25/01.html

I hope this isn't seen as spam. I have no affiliation with Shoppers besides being a normal customer. Just wanted to share the wealth!
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I'm totally planning on checking this out... it's even better to get things that already have bonus points attached since those get multiplied X20 as well

have fun shopping ladies

PS- hi sugar
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Wheeeeeeee! 13,640 points! But I did spend $75 :O Mind you, 6 out of 11 items were on sale. Which basically means I spend about what I'd spend on the same products at Zellers or WalMart, but there are neither of those stores nearby.