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saturday afternoon: yorkville swarming with popo


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anyone know what's up? cumberland ave looks like a warzone right now... hundreds of cops in cars, on bikes, horses, swat teams, etc. etc.

also lots of security guards on bloor just south of the action...
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jus me

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Iono...i think it was supposed to be this afternoon.

Best bet is to watch the news to find out more info.


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it was supposed to get to yorkville around 6 (from allan gardens apparently), but by the time i locked up my store at 6:30 i didn't see much.

i saw at least 150 police through the whole day though.

apparently there was a bomb threat in the area as well (i heard at 1235 bay), but i never got confirmed reports of that.


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yup. some craziness was on last night. they put a "no-drive zone" notice across to all the firehalls in the city sometime mid-afternoon for the area bordering dupont st. to the north, yonge to the east, st. george to the west and bloor to the south (later extended to dundas sq. to the south.) only emergency dispatched apparattus were allowed to be in that area last night ftom about 6pm to around 11pm. guess they were expecting some mayhem with that demonstration.