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I am not too pleased at the fact that it is Saturday night, 12:53am right now. I am neither drunk, nor out. Even worse, I am at work now, have been here most of the day and will be here most of the night.
I am not looking for sympathy, this is all part of the industry I am in. I was supposed to hit up System for Satoshi, meet up with friends (both TBK syles and otherwise), but it isn't in the cards for me tonight unfortunately. Too bad because I am sure it is/was a wicked time.
I want to hear some good reviews about this party y'all. You have better had some sick ass fun. Good stories about your night will put a smile on my face and will be value add. Hopefully you guys partied hard, got faaaked up
and/or got laid at the end of the night. At least if I didn't have a chance to party and have fun, hopefully you my friends, have. I will be living vicariously through the TBK massive here, and eagerly await some positive reviews.

Peace and hope it was as much fun as I thought it would be.

"House, house, house, house"

This party gets a big fat "meh" from me.

Too expensive, too crowded, too boring.

The fact that I paid $25, and then lost another $20 somewhere around the coatcheck didn't help either.

And holy police presence batman. The cops weren't fucking around last night. There were like 8 cruisers parked on Peter street alone. One of the cops standing outside System told me that they had to escort 5 bikers out of the club earlier on in the night. Good thing I wasn't there for that. Or on second thought, too bad I missed it... at least it would've made my night somewhat more interesting.
Review of the lineup from our car:

Guestlist: stretched all the way up to Tonic.

Pay Lineup: no line

Verdict: don't want to pay, but guestlist line too long to vrave, so home it is!
It was all right, I just wish I could have stayed longer. Evil P was rocking it till about 1:30. Satoshi started off a bit slow and boring, but I was reassured by someone that he'll gradually pick up the pace and turn it into a frenzy by the end. I left around 5, and by that time I was really starting to get into it, but my empty stomach was too much to bear.

Tribe was representing tonight, huge turnout, and I guess they must all still be there seeing as there aren't many reviews for this yet.
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I had a wicked time. Satoshi's set was good with its highs and lows, lots of hypnotic vocals. He also played the original version of billy-jean which I thought was really cool even though I never liked the song. In my honest opinion....Evil P kicked serious ass. I can remeber so many times where i'd be dancing really hard to his set, wondering when satoshi tomiie was gonna come on, but not really caring at the same time. Thanks to the tripped out G crew. Ben, and Ritika, I had a blast, and to Kelly, hope you got home ok. That cab driver was really bad, swerving all over the road, driving really slow. You were sleeping at the time but he stopped at a green light but then drove right through a red. It was nuts...good to see all the familiar faces.
^^^ i'd also like to add that the new lasers are amazing. System Soundbar is slowly starting to look like a world class club
Satoshi rocked the show. My best friend who hates house,,, had a kick.ass time cuz the beats were wicked.

And what Can I say about the backroom? Wicked!!

Big wicked crowd too. BIGUPS to all dem rude boys and girls in a da place!
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alrighty i had heard great things about satoshi's set last time he was here so i had to check him out to see what all the hubub was about. he didn't blow me away but he kept my ass shakin all night. he played a lot of big tracks, many off of deep dish's moscow, as well as his own work. he was somewhat mellow for most of the set but after 5am he broke out the sick twisted dark ass beats i was expecting. finally i got to hear everything in it's right place in a club

once again i was totally impressed by the man like evil p. he was pounding it out mad styles, too hard for a warm up set? who the fuck cares..i came to dance and muthafuckin dancin i did. wicked set.
happy belated birthday james, hope it was a good one
many great friends to talk to and some interesting conversations. thanks for making this a fun fun fun evening
ps. bigups to the 7am crew liquidfairy, blueker, and crakky and my main man in the ass shakin elbow swinging dancefloor devistation sean aka kalemic BO!
had plans to make it out to this, but alas got wrapped up in a dinner party and never made it downtown.

too much good food, too much good wine, too many good conversations, a way too comfortable couch = never making it downtown.

a wonderful nite nevertheless

Well, where to start.

Before we [Blueker, her sister, Ritika] got to System, Jay [Futronic] got us all alkied up...me especially since my tolerance last night was below normal.
We hit up Christine's B-Day thing at Lab which was cool. Nice to see Wes, Matt, and finally meet Christine.

System [seeing as this was my first time there] was nice. The guestlist was foqued up but we managed to get in.
Holy SH**! Evil P kicked the beats out hard!
I almost had no energy for Tomiie!

Tomiie started out a bit boring but 'progressively' picked it up [mmm progressive...]

WE left around 630 b/c we were all tired and cranky and he played Love in Traffic, so that was good to hear before we left.

IT was awesome to meet more Tribers!
Finally got to meet JayisBored, Kalemic [sean], Will- Mr Furious, I hope I didn't forget anybody... it was soooo rammed in there! It was nice to see Che-steve again...as drunk as I was, attempting to sober up while dancing!

We all had good times!
I'm definitely going to need to build up my tolerance for the ol' alki for next visit!

Had a good time thanks to the people that were there.

It was nice to have Evil P ripping up the place early when we arrived.

But Satoshi wasn't my style at all, that is some "house" that is as about exciting as lawn bowling.

How you had a good b-day James!

And it was nice meeting a bunch of you that I hadn't already.

I had a wicked time last night. The vibe at System last night was bonkers, yes, BONKERS. Much better crowd than usual. Lots of nice Smirnoff girls among others. It did get a little too crowded on the dancefloor though. The lineup to get in was just way too crazy.
The music was really good. Evil P had a good flow going. Lots of nice tunes thrown in. It got pretty hard at one point. When Satoshi came on you could tell the crowd got even more hyped. He took it deep and dark early on and built it up pretty nicely. I liked the fact that I hardly recognized any track. There were a couple vocal tracks that were really sweet. I could see how people might find it boring, but I thought it was fine to me. It created a deep, sexy atmosphere. You have to understand that progressive is like good sex, you can't go straight for the old in and out right away, but rather move slowly and tease with the foreplay.

I ran into so many people last night. Some I hadn't seen in a while. Good to see Sean, Jay, Josh, Ratika, Marian (yay for making your system debut! hope to see you again soon), Gizmo, Fleaflo, Suke (get out of that whole you've hiding in! good to see you back on the scene again), James (happy b-day), air-bag, sunny, and if I forgot anyone else sorry, I'm on no sleep.

Also special shout outs to Mingster. She had me at hello with her Che t-shirt. I wanted it so bad.

Highlight of the night: Micheal Holtzman in his Gay-Black-Biker Leather motif. Kudos I say Michael. I'm sure the hells angels didn't mind.
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I went to this party thinking that I would just listen to the music (I was feeling a little under the weather), but alas! The man, EvilP has my ass shakin' before I could even say "Stop!".

I left at 2:30. Satoshi was shaping up to sound good, he was suspenseful. He's to hoping he hit it without making you guys wait too long

Good crowd, TBK reprazent!!!

Sexy set...

...and I really liked the saturday vibe. I saw many more smiles than I usually do on a friday. But onto the music.

Evil P was awesome! I felt spent after his set too - wondering if I'd have any left for Satoshi. Great warm-up set, and if a crowd lets a DJ get away with a train wreck as bad as that one, you know he's doing everything else right.

Satoshi's set definitely felt like a dead-weight at its start, just because we'd been baraged by Evil P for a couple hours. He needed to build it up, and I think that turned a lot of people off. I was enjoying myself, and loving the twisted samplings and smooth mixing...feeling the progression coming on. Then he dropped one huge track after another and another. He played at least 4 tracks off Deep Dish's GU. Fingerfest Inc.'s Autoporno was especially fine. As was Mara's Coming Down. What was that fucking crazy mixing at the end of Billy Jean? Whoa. The place was bouncing in rhythm then. Mark Scaife loves saturdays too, I hear. The boy was going off!

I stayed till 6:30, after hearing Papau New Guinea and Love in Traffic - and at that point, the dance floor was in a frenzy. I couldn't see any TBK left, and I had no idea when they all left. But it was good to hang with y'all. I met a bunch of people for the first time - French Disco Girl, MoFo, Mr. Furious, Doodlebug, Chiclet and SlipperyPete...and it was great to see those I knew - Mingster (where she came from, and where she went is total mystery
) Che, jib, El Presidente (happy birthday dood!), TheVibe, ~Dazed~, Ricky, Matt, Kimberley, Susan, Alex, Mychol H.,...there was always someone I knew when I looked up. And shit, I keep seeing this one girl who makes me melt in my shoes...spoke with her briefly last night, and at Deep Dish back in November. I draw enough energy off her smiles to move all night. But I'll have to live with the occasional run-in, cuz I'm pretty sure that it was her boyfriend kissing her.

One last thing: System has to ease up on the lasers. They're super cool additions, but beaming them for an hour straight at one point was excessive. I caught a couple direct contacts with the beams, and went blind for about a minute each time. Not good.

Thanks Mark for GL and no line. Wicked night, overall.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Che:
You have to understand that progressive is like good sex, you can't go straight for the old in and out right away, but rather move slowly and tease with the foreplay.

well said steve.
sorry i missed it, i'm sure i would have had fun... the people often make the party

Definitely another great night at System last night. Evil P tore it up, amazing opening set. Usually i'm against opening DJ's laying it down too hard, but Evil P was on fire and I was begging for more.

Satoshi started out a bit slow, but with 5 or 6 hours to spin that's understandable. But it did kill some of the momentum that Evil P had built up. Satoshi gradually took things harder and deeper throughout the night, by 4 am he was going strong. Moment of the night has to be when he dropped the remix of smooth criminal, then mixed that into the original version of billie jean, then over billie jean he mixed in a deep baseline, then took the baseline out again, then mixed the baseline back in, in beats with the fader ... amazing shite ...

Shouts to James, happy b'day, hope you had a good one!

And to all the other TBK I met last night, prOnstar, MoFo, Sunkist, Futuronic, and anyone else I forgot. Nice to finally put some faces to the names.
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What a fucking ass of a nite.
I have never been more bored at an event in my entire life. and for gods sake GIVE IT UP WITH THE FUCKING SMOKE MACHINE!!!!. it burned my eyes, hurt my asthma, it was so thick you couldnt see what was going on. someone make these things illegal or something. i can't stand them.

and what was up with Groove.ca's guestlist. unless im an idiot, and can't read-did the website not say FREE guestlist? surprise, surprise, it wasn't free, it was still $15 to get in. A huge thanks to Pronstar for picking me up and taking me out...youre awesome.
im not even gonna review the DJ's, way too boring to even comment, and system was too packed, with wierd, sketchy people. the only thing that made this nite worth going out was seeing some people i havent seen in a while, and meeting some new faces. a big thanks for the ride home Chiclet, and Aphrodite, and thanks for soup MoFo..we need a wonton soup event for sure.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by pr0nstar:
But Satoshi wasn't my style at all, that is some "house" that is as about exciting as lawn bowling.</font>

OMG.. you are dissing a house set - that's like - breaking the laws of physics!
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Swamper:
OMG.. you are dissing a house set - that's like - breaking the laws of physics!</font>

progressive house = not house

i think the party at new ho king was way better

but really, james sorry for missing your b'day bash but i didn't have the cash to drop on satoshi
by the sounds of it, it wouldn't have been my scene

but i will join you next week at system and buy you a drink then

for everyone else, just out of curiousity who was in the back room?
were they any good?
i kinda like that room...less laser action
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mingster:
Che: you can't have my shirt, but if you're nice, I'll let you look at it once in a while!!


Cool. Think of it as an act of patriotism in support of the revolution.
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