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Satoshi Tomiie

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Holy crap, OMG, SATOSHI F--KING TOMIIE !!! Damn did he ever rock Tubro last night. A seamless ride through hard house up to techno and on through trance back to hard house - very happy are all the lucky people who took this journey.

This night didn't have a promising start for me, damn TTC has it in for me this month, walked into the club not feeling too happy. Thankfully one of ex-Industry bartenders made me smile and Myka's tunes started to work on me. Before long I was back in my happy House mood - dancing up a storm.

Satoshi went on after, building upon each track, going from hard to tech house, what a joy to hear. Then came on two vaguely oriental, S&M, female dancers dressed in leather and satin, performing on a stage between the 2 pillars in front of the DJ booth. Gradually they removed each other's clothes and had everyone's attention, all while dancing seductively.
Satoshi never let up with the banging tunes, getting all funky during the show. Keeping the mixed crowd going all the time, it felt like I was back at Industry (though not quite), with the atmosphere in the place.

I was very tired close to the end but Satoshi just kept the beats and going, so that I had a hard time leaving. Somehow I still found some engery to keep going a bit longer. If you get a chance to see him live, do not miss it, get your butt there!

Thank you everyone involved in last night's Giant at Turbo, for a great night, an excellent DJ and for bringing back the old Industry feeling, at least for 1 night.
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Don't get me wrong, I lived at Industry for two years...

But if "the old Industry feeling" can be brought back by two stripping pseudo-asian women, then thank the Lord that place is closed.

Seriously, I didn't think Satoshi Tomiie was all that great. I came in late, as Satoshi stepped on deck and watched him spin for as long as I could take it.

But the layout of Turbo was horrible, with the new raisers between the front speakers, and the tracks that he played were just hard banging generic "Turbo-House."

His presence at the decks was kinda boring, too. Initially, I thought it was "quirky" to see this little Asian man standing at the decks, bobbing his head and occasionally tweaking a few knobs, but for the most part he looked like he was some curious guy who was just watching the records spin in front of him.

There have been moments when I have felt the old Industry days...Roy Davis Jr, though I never saw him play at Industry, brought back that loving feeling. Same crowd, same vibe, and same decor (Holtzman is God.)

But last night at Turbo was a generic night of run-of-the-mill house, with sketchy characters and definite disappointment. In my opinion, it was /nothing/ like seeing Satoshi Tomiie at Industry in the summer.

Despite the lack of Paul Johnson, I still had more fun at System last night.

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