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Satelite Records?


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So I came across this site and found some older tracks that I'd like to purchase.
I put an order in last night and now I've gotten this email stating:

You have submitted an order to our website. According to our
records we have either not done business with you before
or you have submitted a new credit card number that doesn't
match the one we have on record. To proceed with your order
You must submit a signed letter that you authorise Satellite
to charge your card the amount plus shipping.
We also need a picture of the front and back of your credit
card faxed to us along with the issueing bank's telephone
number and your complete billing address. We will not process
your order without these faxed documents. If you have shopped
with us and are using the same credit card let us know so we
can check our records again. FAX TO: 253-369-7711

Has anyone ordered through Satelite before?
Did they make you go through this procedure?
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I'd call em. That sounds strange, I sure as hell wouldn't send a photocopy of my credit card in the mail.

Also, double-check the source of the email...you never know, could be a scam. ;)


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yeah i tried to order from them last year and got this message. i went to my bank and told them about it... they advised me not to go through with the order. so i didn't.

but it is a big, respected site that loads of people have ordered from with no problems... I just decided to play it extra safe (i had just gotten the credit card and wanted to stay the hell away from ANY potential problems).

Sinister Shadow

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Safe enough

What they can do with your credit card number is what they can do with the photo-copy. This is likely just for their records and so that they can be safe. They don't want the credit company complaining to them either.

Besides, credit card companies almost always back you up for 90 days (normally) on charges that were not authorized or were in error. As well as providing insurance for the objects in question. Just print the pages you use to order and watch your bills carefully.

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i did it

a long time ago.
never had any problems.

i especially like how they send the records to you as promotional records, rendering them free of any cross-border taxes (i think).
they had a better tech selection before though, imo.

2 The Beat

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We have initiated a very similar procedure for our online site. It is for our protection and we hold peoples credit card numbers and personal details very private (and would face very strong repurcussions if we did not).

Our bank is the one that suggested such procedures as there is no imprint of the card taken when doing internet orders. Credit Card fraud is huge on the internet and this is a measure taken against it. I have had to go through the same procedure when dealing with some of our distributors. If you are intending to deal with them on a regular basis it is not that big of a deal since you only have to do it once. If this is a one time order, then I can see why you would not want the stress.

However, it is legit!



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When I first started buying vinyl I bought it all there. But a few years ago I quite because they started screwing me around too much. I would get emails saying my order was there and then it wasn't and then it was again but then it never came in the mail. I'm not one to boycott because of a little mess-up now and then. no one is perfect. but it happened to me 3 times. it becamme very irritating so I think it's now been almost 4 years since my last order..I don't care what they say they have in stock. no more orders from me.


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They did that to me when i first bought records there years ago. I dont shop there anymore but at the time it was their standard practice. I guess their still doing it
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THats funny i've just ordered there recently and it was my first order and they didn't give me that message cuz I remember when they wanted a photocopy and all the shit a few years back and I was like fuck it...


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i used to work at satellite in nyc, which is where all the internet orders are sent from and it is just for security purposes and it is a one time thing and it makes no diff whether or not someone has your card # or a photocopy of the card,,,

and as far as the service, it was very good and then they had more business than they could handle and everyone tryed to keep up but at times the service suffered and then they made some technological changes and it got better and i think it is ok now but i never really go there bec they don't cater to my tastes