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first of all.... Labyrinth Lounge is fucking awesome for a jam..

madd props to:

Ej,(nice job man)
rob Dearlove
spencer aka akimbo...nice to meet yah dude..
Ian Hind....thank you for showing what techno is about...you took it up...brought it down....all done in proper fashion....TIGHT...you rawked the 909 ...hey i love chatting skate with yah...RAY BARBEE RULZ>>>!!

like to thank my crew for reprazentin...

Curt Martin...
Kenny..aka sourkid
Greg Gow...
Philly ..dubone.
Adam...sick and still made it out!
Little one...u know who you are dude..

Jay Z....
Dave from whitby....reprazent!
Wes...nice set dude..glad to have you on my bill...
Derek Parsons...nice chillin..man
Erick...ill be down soon wit the set..
Blaise..thanks for pimpin my party dude..much RESPECT.

anyone else..

hope to see yah out on December 15th.



~long live the techno~
hey doug thanks for not shouting me out buddy ;p

I know I wasn't their, but fuck I so wanted to be.....why the fuck does London Ontario not having anything even close to being techno...I am so in need of some raw, deep, hard techno beats ;(

I almost got a ride down but ratika sold me out [not her fault, but I needed to see my boyz ;(]

anyways blad to see you'all had a good time, cause you know Ian Hind [and the rest of the Satan Techno crew for that matter] fucked sit up proper


p.s. please bring techno to London, for the love of god, I am begging you...thank you ;p

I wanted to go, but wasn't able to... almost got a ride to that big breaks and jungle party, but its really too bad that jungle and breaks don't matter :]

I'll play techno in London... wanna book me

Yes SatanTechno was totally the place to be last night... not 1 but 2 rooms of techno maddness... The Lab is a wicked placee to hang out... it really is... such a fun place to party... anyone who says other wise is crazy and doesn't like to have fun...

SatanTechno, what more can I say...

Congradulations Ej on throwing this event...

Ian Hind... it was great to meet you, your a cool dude... you rock record-spinners!

I was there for a bit. Watched Wes mess around with some fast finger work. Looking good. (I was the girl, there with Dan)

Labyrinth Lounge is a cool little spot. Very ambient.

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I had lots of fun at the lab on Sat., I got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a very long time. Wes, I only caught the last part of your set but I was impressed immensely. Respect to the whole Satantechno crew for throwing a really good night. Ej, you get special recognition for droppping one of my favourite tracks. And I definitely can't forget to mention Spencer aka Akimbo who played such a great set. The mixes were tight, and the tracks were so hard.
If I had a financially secure position, I'd be booking left right and center

-=Nub=- <== poor poor broke student.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by redeyes:
sounds like everthing went well, congratulations tekkid.



yes this party went down fucking awesome...Ej did a wicked job...(point being redeyes...this was EJ's party!)

just a reminder, Ej certainly knows how to throw an intimate tight jam, and the since know body else is speaking up ...this boi knows how to move a dance floor...one to look out for ,,,,!!! corperal KISHNER!!

more props to Dj Internal....wes a great set no matter what you say man...you really resembeled &lt;sp? algorithm dude.....you certainly know your way with the mixer..PROPS.

anyhow, i forgot to send shout outs to Ashley, and Cassie...soooooooo sorry... really nice seeing yahs....been awhile..

also Finney... (chris) who knows if you come on this board, but was nice seeing yah...

anyhow, was a great night, Ej, i hope you throw something down again, ill definately be down and supportin' THE TORONTO TECHNO SCENE!!!




Originally posted by tEkKiD:

more props to Dj Internal....wes a great set no matter what you say man...you really resembeled algorithm dude.....you certainly know your way with the mixer..PROPS.

Wow... thanks... that is a compliment in a half... Aglo' is a phenomonal Dj... thanks...