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Sat nite Club/Bar/Pub recomendations


TRIBE Member
So it's just the boys headin out tonite to find trouble downtown.

The only thing is everyone wants something diff....and the only constant being single girls with no attitudes. And we wanna trry something new.

I was thinking Alto Basso for some pre-drinks, but then????

So something in that area would be ideal. Whats Revival like?

So if everyone wants to post some suggestions, we could get a little list of possibilites going for anyone/everyone whose plans are up in the air for tonite.

Devils Martini is a nice place for those who haven't been. Nice atmosphere and usaully good lookin peeps.

Anyone else??????


TRIBE Member
..went to ultra with the guys on monday night...impressive...next to where bambu used to be...yuppie fun, but i believe hot chicks included...

..oh and i was impressed by the female:male ratio at payice(sp?) on college and euclid(ithink?) ..made me wish i wasnt too chilled to hit on women..
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