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So, originally I was not too keen on this city.

A nice part was the airplane with kids. Normally I hate kids on airplanes but this time it was my kids. Well, not "my" kids but, you know.

So the first day I totally forget what happened but the cops in Saskatoon were nice enough to bring me to the hotel instead of the drunk tank. 5:30am man I wish I remember what I was up to.

Then the next day I think I went swimming but I ended up in a taxi, and all the cabs here are Pakistani. I met some native guy and I purchased cocaine from him, oddly still the same price as Toronto, $80, but I tell you this much: the quantity and the quality both sucked. What a rip off. Anyway...

So once I was high(ish) I took another Paki cab and met some dude. Then there's some kind of blur but I gave him a nice BJ in a parking lot at a sunny 3pm. Nice cock. But then the bastard robbed me! Aha, I don't know, maybe he got $200 or something. I was still stunned on my knees thinking "What?" Well at least he threw my wallet, moneyless.

So anyway I''m pounding rum at 7am local time talking to a hotelier about the difficulties of getting a PR. Apparently it's easier in Saskatoon.

Everything's easy in Saskatoon.

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Oh lord....I thought this city had a "vibe" about it today.
Head down to the river if you want to hear local DJs spinning in the park.