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Saskatoon Expats Unite!

Discussion in 'Saskatoon' started by Bobby Thrust, May 26, 2001.

  1. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    Just wondering how many former Saskatonians are around? I will be in Montreal this summer visiting many former prairie people and I might even stop in the old Toronto for a couple of soirees.
  2. Moez

    Moez TRIBE Member

    I am from Moose Jaw... does that count????


    living in TO... uh huh...
  3. Bobby Thrust

    Bobby Thrust TRIBE Member

    In the grand scheme it does. Though, you would agree that Moose Jaw is more linked to Regina. Ever go to any Saskatoon parties?

    I had been trying for a few months to post in here but I have not had any success until today.
    Chu, if you are still on this forum, I have 11 cents in my pocket for you.

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