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Sasha & digweed

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I'd bet you a $46 ticket that this thread ends up in the roll calls forum.

Double or nothing, whuddya say?

Got my ticket, and I'm super psyched


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Yeah, would be great to go, but not exactly affordable... how did I afford to party more whenI was in school and not working then now? Sigh...
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I have never been in the roll calls forum before today. But, lo and behold here is a thread started by me.

What exactly is the roll call thread.

Shawn<---ignorant bastard who deserves a swift kick in the head!


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Swenard, I hate to be anal (no pun intended), but in your bio (under 'location'), don't you mean you're "ON the can," instead of "IN the can?" That could be a little messy...