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sasha @ aria

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by mandapanda, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member


    i love this man!

    after several failed attempts to meet up with various people *cough*suedehead*cough* :p , we ended up arriving at aria around 2:30. i was really impressed with the opening dj (XL)'s set. sasha was supposed to come on at 4 am (or at least that's what i thought), but he finally started his set at 5 am. he started off with really pretty, melodic, blissed-out stuff with some of the best basslines i have ever heard (as i kept pointing out to adrian - who actually thought sasha was amazing and he "doesn't even like sasha"). and seriously, he was fucking incredible. he ended with about a half hour of breaks including "seven nation army" and that nirvana remix...played the new james holden...but the wierd thing was, i thought he was supposed to be on till 9 am, but i looked away for like 2 seconds at 8 am and then some other guy was spinning. which was wierd cos i wasn't expecting it. and everyone in the dj booth seemed kind of confused or rushing around to fix stuff, so i dunno what happened. he just disappeared. maybe he was only supposed to be on from 5 - 8? in any case, i was disappointed, but his set was brilliant. i loved everything about it. there is a reason why he is a husband, and last night proved why :) for everyone who says he's lost it or whatever, he has it back :D

    and i really want to go see him again tonight!!!!!!! *sob*

    and now, i go to bed.
  2. SJN

    SJN TRIBE Member

  3. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    ahhh...what a princess! i was thinking it was maybe cos there was some sort of misunderstanding over set times or something. mystery solved - thanks :)
  4. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    sasha played a very good set...he played a lot of the tracks off his last essential mix.. his intro track was like 5 mins of ambient melodic sort of shit it was nuts.

    xl played a killer opening set too....he had the crowd going off! he played some lenny kravitz - are you gonna go my way remix that was :eek:

  5. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    After last night, I learned one thing...

    I wish I was a prog dj, because it is the easiest profession in the god-damned world.

    That is all..
  6. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member


    I "liked" Sasha okay but never understood the hype until last night.

    Got to Aria at about 1:30 and XL killed it. I had to stop myself from dancing in order to save my legs for Sasha. When he finally came on, I danced for a bit but then sat down for a while as I wasn't really feeling it. Then he played that Smells Like Teen Spirit remix (Adam Freeland?) and I ran to the dancefloor for the breaks. Holy shit. I didn't even know I could dance like that. I loved every minute of his set from that point on.

    Great crowd, nice setup, the visuals were unreal, funny conversations with people from all over the world. Left at around 8:30 and stoped in at the Couche-Tard for a king can of Bleue. Went to Mount Royal and crashed on a blanket in the grass and listened to the funky drumming. It was a perfect long weekend road trip.

    I just got back and if my legs didn't hurt so much and Guvernment didn't lick so much ball, I'd be there right now.
  7. Big Cheese

    Big Cheese TRIBE Member

    *lol* ever cute ;^)

    yeah it's ass that he only played for like 3 hours, i'd imagine he'd kill it for anything longer @ Aria, oh well i'm sure he's making up for it in the main room right now (now that i look @ the clock)

    he played a good set @ Revival IMO

  8. Suedehead

    Suedehead TRIBE Member

    Sorry manda... well you know the reason why we didn't meet up. I will just have to make up for it somehow!

    I really wanted to go to Aria on Sunday to see Justin Robertson as he is one of my musical heroes but I couldn't. My weekend was hijacked by so many factors. Grrrr.

    Well, I'm glad you had a good time. I haven't enjoyed Sasha in years but I am sure he was as good as you described.

    -E :)
  9. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    Hahahaha ... a time-honoured tradition of the Montreal road trip!! :D

    Anyhow, I thought Sasha was awesome. Maybe I'm just a sucker for basslines. I didn't even mind the breaks. The very abrupt ending of his set was a bit of a nuisance, and my diagnosis is that Sasha was suffering from the "Colombian Cold". Nonetheless, it was a very entertaining 3 hours and worth every penny. Thanks again for dragging me out, Manda. :)

    I also enjoyed the visuals at Aria (I believe there was some kind of "VJ" competition going on) as well as the addition of the Gold Club laser. The club has an excellent atmosphere when all of the lighting equipment is actually being used. I'm not sure why some past visits have been so dark and uninspiring.
  10. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member


    Some of those visuals were amazing. At one point I couldn't stop watching them.

    The Goldclub laser was a little too intense for me so I tried not to look at it.

    Funniest thing I heard all night: "Yo guy, wait till Sasha comes on... he's almost as good as Oakenfold."

    I wanted to bitch slap the guy right then and there.
  11. Snapple

    Snapple TRIBE Member

    First of all:

    As has been noted, XL played a fantastic opening set! This was the first time I've heard him spin and while not immediately blown away, I was eventually steam rolled by what he dropped. Tough job to - keep a punch of freaks entertained for hours (club opened at 1:30 and Princess didn't come on until 5). He started out slow and kinda tribally and finished with a bang (that Kravitz breaks track was IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE, vocal edit and all). Even Princess recognized XL's efforts by giving him the 'Champion of the worllllllllllllld!!' heavyweight arm lift, which was cool from a guy normally so self involved.

    Second of all:

    Sasha was really good imho although his set was ridiculously short and anti-climactic. What happened to those legendary Montreal marathon sets? How can you just disappear like that? Tragic way to end.

    Third of all:

    I wasn't a big fan of the visuals, especially the whole 'Crash' thing played out endlessly during XL's set. Too dark for the mood of the party, I thought. Good thing there was soooo much more to look at.

    Fourth of all:

    Aria has the worst overhead lighting of any club I've been to. The guy working those fucking strobes must be half blind cause most people use strobes at key moments or a bit on builds but buddy had them sequenced into everything. Worst of all, the way they're angled makes them flash almost directly into your eyes depending on where you're standing in the club. So wrong.

    Fifth of all:

    Lee Burridge was also really good the night before at Stereo. Rocked the crowd hard, although his set was very lightly sprinkled with a few flat spots and awkward mixes (not trainwrecks by any means, but it did look as though something was bothering him up in the booth every now and again).

    What a weekend.

    That is all.

  12. Betty Rubble

    Betty Rubble New Member

    I am going to have to disagree I thought XL's set was terrible. It kept me far away from the dance floor and in the back room on the sofa..I never sit down...

    Sasha although short .. was fun..he had some great "explosion" and hearing those tracks in a place like aria was great.. In the end it all worked out.. leaving early gave us a chance to rest up for Summers End...
  13. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    i agree about the laser...it totally killed the mood...that thing is awful!

    i liked the crash videos...i was glued to the screen while they were playing. lol

  14. dj Red Turtle

    dj Red Turtle TRIBE Promoter

  15. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter


    good on yah mate!:D
  16. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    Quiet all of you laser-haters!! :p
  17. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    rob, that's not nice... i think jz is showing that there are some prog djs who can work the mixer proper. :)
  18. BarneyIllfingas

    BarneyIllfingas TRIBE Member

    XL is terrible. The most boring Prog I have ever heard. I was almost sick to my stomach listening to this cocky loser mix, if that is what you call it. No wonder Sasha felt nautious.
  19. SKIB

    SKIB TRIBE Member

    i've always heard good things about XL

    is he really that bad? what's so bad about him? just slow, boring progressive that doesn't go anywhere or what?

    i'm all about the lasers and visuals

    i think it adds so much more to the intensity of the vibe...

    not a big fan of dark clubs... i think the best i've ever seen the guv look was for the sander k axe launch party... if i remember correctly it was relatively bright all night... i liked it...
  20. BarneyIllfingas

    BarneyIllfingas TRIBE Member

    No or what, you hit it right on the nose.
  21. Betty Rubble

    Betty Rubble New Member

    Boring and going nowhere is exactly what it was...not to add - the sound was painful..

    What a shame..the room was so packed and we were unable to enjoy the vibe.

    Last time I will be going early when he is the opening DJ...
  22. Snapple

    Snapple TRIBE Member


    Some serious hatred towards XL's set in this thread which - considering the usual vibe of the Tribe board isn't unusual but - is strange as (many to most) Montreallers there were all love over the last 90 minutes (or so) of his set and myself and many of my friends thought he did it up proper as well once he got it going. But everybody's entitled to an opinion I spose.
  23. BarneyIllfingas

    BarneyIllfingas TRIBE Member

    Most of the dancefloor also didn't notice that sasha had left. That will tell you something.
  24. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member


    that's true. i was looking around trying to figure out what was going on and nobody else seemed confused even though the music was totally different.
  25. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    well, that's to be expected...it is montreal after all!


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