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Sasha and Digweed @ Sona - march 28th

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
A week before their toronto premiere they'll be rocking the house in montreal!

Any of the Tdot sona and digweed groupies heading up here for this little shin dig? :cool:

myself, eva and zach will be in attendance. BEtonka doesn't 'like' Sasha and Digweed so she's not going ;)(you'll rue the day girl!)



TRIBE Member
I can't say i dig these guys anymore, as my musical tastes have grown in leaps and bounds - but I haven't seen them since 1996 so maybe they will surprise me...???

But I am stoked to be hitting any party in Mtl - my fav. city in Canada. Its been too long - and my how I love to let loose in that town. So many beautiful girls.....so much poutine and steamies......barf!

And my little cousin is taking me and my girl out - so this should be really fun!!! I wonder if he is messed up on goofballs?