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Sasha and Digweed - Das Kool Haus


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nice silverback.

I had a pretty good time but because I had to leave a bit early (2:45ish) it sounds like I missed the best part of the music.

spent a lot of time wandering around looking for my peeps. finally met them and met a few more very cool people. one dude came from mtl just for this night.

nice meeting you deep, too bad I didn't get a chance to hook up with the rest of the tbk massive. hopefully next time.




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Well I have to say I was definitely impressed with the night. For most of the night, didn't recognize much of what S&D played but it was all good. I'm sure a lot of dubplates from Miami were getting play. That is until they dropped "Age of Love" - how cool was that?! That was awesome to hear it get dropped into the mix. The visuals (lasers, screens etc.) were top notch and the Phazon sound system was sweet indeed. When not in the dance floor area, didn't feel like it was blaring at all - even took my earplugs out. Now that's a good setup. All in all it looked like everyone had a good time aside from the fact that it was simply rammed! That would probably be the only issue I had since it was near impossible to find a good spot to dance without people slamming into you. Also those loose wires all over the place were bad news. Even having covers over them didn't make it better. Having any uneven ground at an event where a lot of people will be messed is asking for trouble.

Other than that, it was a great night of music, lights and fun. Good to see so many people I haven't seen in awhile out and partying.




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i got to the guvernment at around 11. saw this massive line-up and almost choked. but it went quickly. it wasn't cold. at least i couldn't feel the cold. i'd been looking forward to this night for a long, long time. sasha and digweed. i could hear their CDs going through my head, all the mp3s that i had, just mixing. and everyone around me was fun. there was something different about this crowd, different from what i'm used to. we were just all chatting it up. in less than an hour, i was inside. no pad-down search ... which was nice. after a few minutes waiting to get my coat checked, it was midnight. digweed had just come on, everyone cheered. damn it was good. arms were up, girls on guys' shoulder, clapping ... like a rock concert. and whoa did they put on a show. sasha's tracks were really deep, progressive... and as sasha and digweed switchd up more towards the end, it just became more pounding, uplifting. it was packed. droplets of sticky condensation came close to the end... ooooh but it didn't really matter. everyone was smiling. AGE OF LOVE! when that track dropped, it was like a sea of love ... yes love. it's been a while since i've been to a party that had that kind of vibe going, that love in the air, people helping each other out, girls lending whatever you call those elastic things to keep your hair back. this one girl gave one to my friend and i thought that was rad. it was packed, but that didn't matter.. the orange room was funked. we were calling it the mushroom room. twirly lights going far up, chilled, and really nice bartenders. such electricity in the air. you could feel it. the lighting was outstanding. green lasers going back and forth, alien invasion video projections.. big yellow spotlights and all kinds of colours just cascading everywhere. unreal. was it a phazon sound system? i had to move away from the speakers cause the bass was just making my heart leap. it was a night to remember. and when sasha and digweed starting raising their hands at the end, getting really into it, when the lights came on and everyone was around, and the beats were pounding, i knew this was better than anything i've seen this year, maybe ever, in an electronic music environment. i was checking out the General forum here and people were complaining about cost, blah blah ... when you go to an event like this, cost is irrelevant. it's the experience. you go in positive, you leave in bliss. and that is all. thanks to sasha, digweed, the promoters, and everyone who made this possible! i won't ever forget this.

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Truly a memorable night...
The music, the vibe, the visuals, the people...all top notch
Place was packed..trying to dance for the first hour or so was frustrating...goddam it people stop walking around and start getting down...
Pure Tribal madness when diggers was on deck...Sasha pounded it out as well, he dropped a track about 3:00...pounding driving progressive with what seemed to be a robotic voice chugging along with the bass line...anyone know what it was....the crowd was going nuts for it..
Most dissapointing part of the night... No encore(boo?)
Defining moment- Age of Love - Age of Love-the cherry on top.
Nice to see so many people I haven't seen in a while..Chunk and timmy...
I hope we don't have to wait another three years to hear 'em again.
Actually they're probably retiring after this tour...I seen T-shirts in the lobby for $40 and $50 , with prices like that they could well afford to :D


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Originally posted by deep
Jimmy Van M - Disappointingly downtempo.
What, you got a problem with downtempo? Huh, muthfucka? :D

Kidding. I think I'll just leave this thread now.


The beginning was a bit too mellow for my like, but once Sasha took the spotlight, the place started rocking, didn't stop until the very end.

The Kool Haus was jammed with juice monkeys, who-ors, trollops, chain gang beach boys, ginos & ginas, tribe people, whackos & friends. Dancing in the middle was un-possible, you could barely move.

The end of the night was the worst, stood in line for 1 1/2 hours to get my jacket. BRUTAL!! Stupid winter & cold weather!!

After everything, it was a great time with good music, good friends and me barfing on like 20 people:)
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i came into this event never seeing sasha or digweed not to mention collectively ever in my life with many myths about thier sets that were not too complimenting (half-hour buildups and just plain boring) but my curiousity overcame me and decided to shell out the dough and find out why for myself these guys are the #1 and #2 djs in the world........... .....WOW!.......these two were technically flawless the whole night and the only thing better than that was thier choice of trax :eek: from dark progressive to melodic vocals, they had me goin all night with no regrets of coming out that night at all.........the crowd that night were really friendly and all smiles giving off an energy and vibe uncomprable, das kool haus was packed but no-one seemed to care that night seeing alot of familiar faces and meeting a couple new ones.......magical.........restores my faith in overpriced big dj parties



the best night toronto has seen in ages (& probably will see for a while). unbelievable.

such a good vibe. i havent seen atmosphere like that in ages in toronto.

jerome @ release



A party of extremes.

The music, the sound and the friends I got to party with - top fucking notch.

The rammage, the condensed sweat drips from the ceiling, the 1 1/2 hour coat check, the plentiful idiots - top fucking annoyance.

Might post a proper review when I get back from the kids in the hall...


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ahahahha!!!! i can't even put into words just how unbelievable it was! i was in absolute heaven :) sasha once again reminded me why he is by far my favourite DJ. *sigh* i could not stop dancing from 12 onwards. too bad it had to end so early....

jimmy van m...bit boring.
digweed - awesome
sasha - digweed x 10


allright. so if i don't stop now, the rest of this post will just be various other ways of me saying how good it was :p

hi to the people i met last night :)

k i'm going to bed now. good bye.

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got to the kool haus at about 10:15 to find a huge fucking line going all the way around the corner. Thanfully my buddy and I found some friends up near the front of the line and were in in about 15 minutes.

The phazon was incredible. I think the Guv should have spent the extra cash and installed one in the Kool Haus as well when the did the renovations.

The lighting was sick to. They used the Kool Haus house lights and brought a tonne of their own. I counted at least 8 moving heads on the stage alone. The projections were fucking nuts.

Jimmy Van M was good, but way way to mellow for my tastes. I can understand that he kinda has to play like that, but it would have been nice if he could have banged it out. Picked up the pace a bit towards the end of his set.

Sasha and digweed rocked that mother fucking club!!!!
Slammin tunes from begining to end. More than what I was expecting, and I was expecting a lot to begin with.
the prefect set in my opinion. Definitely worth every penny.
I didn't even have to wait in line for coat check. I was smart and went to get my jacket at 10 to 4.

My only complaints are the heat and the amount of people that were there, but that was to be expected so...

to sum it up in one word....perfection....


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here are some others that I took as well

the stage

Jimmy van M

my gang

the lights

digweed and van M

I think this is when Sasha came on


Eva (my wife) and Lyndsy

Sorry about the low quality of some of them.

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Originally posted by Woody

you mean this one?

her name is tanya. she's smokin'...for sure.

sasha dropped some fucked up remix of 'waters of jericho - head honcho'.

really got my head all twisted!


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My brain hurts. So I'll make this simple.

Music: Like nothing I've ever heard before. S&D are not over-rated. The last hour was purely the stuff you dream about. It took me up to places I've never been before.

Sound and lights: Wow! It was loud. Until more peeps came in, it was LOUD! But the sound was krisp. And so deeee-licious! The lights were nice. They were bright! I loved the way they lit up the crowd. It was tremendous. Truly, one of those parties that you only dream about. Until now.

Dancing: I couldn't. Too many people. So Malia and I just kinda jumped up and down for awhile. That was fun. :)

Crowd: Too many people! It was insanity! I think I spent the entire night walking around. Through the crowd. Bumping into the Beach Boy Chain Crew, and the million of other interesting folk.

Coat check: To be expected.

Bribes: I don't know where you all were, but bribes were being taken, I saw them, I heard them. My friends did them. Yes, there were bribes.

The friends: Usual suspects, and many more. Nice to meet Naomi, Swenard, Nesta (again), and oh god, so many more. Please excuse me, I always feel like an ass when I name names.

Vinder, what can I say......? -------> :)

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