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Sandra Collins/Hybrid - Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Richard Raiban

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Sandra Collins: 2 THUMBS DOWN. She was horrible @ Koolhaus. I've always thought she was overrated and didn't understand why so many people like her.

Hybrid: I stayed for like 3-4 tracks then left. I was sooooo discusted by Sandy Collins that I had to leave. I did like Hellpass's mix of Orbital's Chime tho. Sounded really nice on that sound system.

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Originally posted by Richard Raiban
I've always thought she was overrated and didn't understand why so many people like her.

she has the sex appeal... hence more people liking her...

poker face

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Sandra Collins was horrible!

The fact that she hit the 45 button was bad enough but when she started throwing the cheeder tracks in I was dying for her to come off!

Hybrid on the other hand killed it!

I have not heard mixing and programming like that in a while, and their track selection was off the hook!

I am not much for parties at the government complex due to the crowd that it usually draws but I did have a good time!

oh and the ladies were smoking hot!

Richard Raiban

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That's what you get when you go to Koolhaus/Guvernment, HOTTIES!!! I can't believe she hit the 45 button, that was brutal! Too bad I didn't stick around for Hybrid. It's a shame, Sandy killed it and forced me to leave.

I was even more disappointed when I found out about Hernan not making it. I was soooooo pissed, he was the reason I went. I spent $20.00 for nothing. I would have felt better handing that $$$ to a homeless person.
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After she played moody and another older prog bomb that I forgot, she played a good set, fuckups aside. It just depends on how forgiving you are to the DJ. Since she was playing some wicked tracks and working the crowds energy level way up after moody (which kinda came out of nowhere) and kept it up there, I was ready to forgive a few of her mistakes.
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