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i would get there early, becase with sander coming to town, you can bet there won't be a kleine crowd (weak, and obscure unless you know german)


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So fucking there.... (as long as I can get saturday off work)

vowed never to miss him again after a Sander double-dose... in the same 24 hours at WMC 05....

This shall be sander part 4 for moi.... and hopfully the best is yet to come....


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Sander who?

just kidding! seriously though, I'd never even heard of this guy before this summer. my bitch loves him. *loves* sander. she wouldn't let me miss this for the world. not even if i was having open heart surgery or giving birth would she let me miss this.

System twice in 2 months... interesting.
no creeps need apply.


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I just might, although I don't really go out anymore, especially to System... but it's Sander so...


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Definately want to check this one out ......... seen Sander three other times and I've never once been disappointed!