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Sander Klinenberg .. Kool Haus


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Does anyone know what type of set up Sander had at the Kool Haus? From what I remember he didn"t spend too much time with vinyl. Does he use Cd's or a lap top or something?



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Uh, I'm pretty (pretty as in very) sure Sander was spinnin vinyl. The guy before him however, Debo, was using CD's cuz there were definitely nothing on the decks when he was spinning, yet there was beats comin from the speakers. But I was 100% sober that night and at the front, and I do recall Sander spinning all vinyl.


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I know he did spin vinyl every once in a while but I am sure he was doing something else?? He spent most of his time behind the mixer and was rarely behind the decks, am I nuts, was I completely out of it??



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he did play a lot of cds that night...particularly during the first 45 minutes of his set...
I only noticed it because I was standing right beside the booth (and was very sober at that point) and was kind of surprised at how little vinyl he played for the first part of his set
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