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sample i.d. --- oizo & uffie "first love"


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it's driving me nuts
i know i recognize the tune they are sampling, but i cant place it.


UFFIE & OIZO - "first love"


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yea so have I but nothing really has come up

your talkin about the piano intro thing right?

why not

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fuck, this is driving me nuts.

there's a little bit of the original vocal before the beat kicks in, and it sounds like a guy.
production sounds mid to late 80s.
i'm thinking some kind of pop R&B ballad?

why not

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someone in the office just guessed Swept Away by Christopher Cross, and it's close, but not quite.


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The original is early 80's a little more upbeat and kind of disco. Another female vocalist. It is on the tip of mytongue.

Ahh. I kind of hate myself for owning this record.


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Nah nah...she was a pop star before she got married.

This is a wife who became a pop star after marrying a bad soccer player.


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Ugh...that is a tough one sounds kinda like something Martika might do, or at least from that time...late 80's, early 90's


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Hi, i joined tribe.ca just to reply to this thread, lol. I also had been searching relentlessly for the sample and this thread kept coming up in google searches. The song it samples is "Don't Go" by F. R. David, from 1987. All that shit about the wife of a soccer player was a lie...

Hear the song/See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxdkOuQdNEM