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SamOthrAki Dance Festival Lineup - wow!


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They say the lineup is already 100% confirmed .. this is pretty badass for a confirmed lineup:

Bamboo Foreset
Wizzy Noise
Logic Bomb
Electric Universe

thats not even half the live PA's.. . 5 days on a greek island..

ON the other hand.. it probably draws half of Europe.. the fleuro-skinny-pant wearing kind...


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I only recognize Bamboo Forest, and that is from one single. Sometimes I think I know stuff about dance music, than there are days like this, where I realize I know fuck all.
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If this was anywhere in NA i'd probably be there.. Don't know of any scene this side of the pond that has done such a large festival.

Subsonic Chronic

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I'm seriously considering hitting this up. I haven't figured out yet how to use my vacation this year, and psy trance would be one wicked way.

Depends on when it is of course.


I'm willing to put up with the skinniest of european pants. :)


Subsonic Chronic

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Thursday August 22nd - Monday August 26th.


And that list posted is just ONE of the three stages.

I'd post the whole lineup but the damn website is flash and I'm not typing it all out manually.

Suffice to say that lineup is STACKED.

Almost every major act except Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection is on that list.

I'm seriously gonna try and make it to this one.

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This is the second year of this event. It was called Sola Luna last year.. it looked kickass then and it didn't have half the acts it has this year. Managed to keep a pretty good review of last years party if anyone is interested:

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From: marita [mailto:rua@xs4all.nl]
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 3:46 PM
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Subject: Re: [604] solaluna

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 10:15:37PM +0300, Alexis Gateley wrote:

i can't give my usual full length review on this, cuz we had to leave early.
timo got rather sick, and we had to get back to the mainland to find the
necessary (prescription) drugs , edible food, and slightly more
comfortable accommodation. but i'll review as much of it as i was there

the location itself was stunning, lots of shade in the campsite, sea a
stones throw away, mountains looming above us... an absolute paradise. at
night, the moon went down behind the mountains that dwarfed the main stage
before it, and a few hours later, if you turned your back to the main stage
and looked out over the sea, you saw the sun rise.

music wise, from what i was present for, friday night started out late, they
had sound system problems. i got there in time for john phantasm's set,
which i really enjoyed. finally another dj with a sense of humour. the
samples in the tracks he played were excellent.

it was a bit confusing after that though... we understood slinky wizard to
be playing next.. but it definitely wasn't slinky. we're still not sure who
it was. :) dominic lamb only played for an hour cuz he was too fucked to
carry off a full set. the timetable had been pushed back cuz of the initial
problems, and they also cut the antidote from the lineup (boooooo!!! been
waiting years to see them live) but cuz of dominic's flop, some time was
made up again. hux flux live were astounding, really really good, and they
were followed by serge, whom i thought played a brilliant set also. then we
heard that slinky were setting up to play live... but that wasn't very
interesting, so we're still not sure *if* slinky ever played, and if he did,
*when* he played.

we were starting to get a bit tired, and gus till was to dj next, which
didn't interest any of us very much, so we went back to the campsite and the
shade to take it easy for a while, but the music we heard from the campsite
was actually really good! which surprised us considering who was djing, or
who we thought we djing... i found out from alexis afterwards that it wasn't
gus till at all, but youth.

got some good sleep in on saturday night, into sunday morning, and got up
for some of frank e's set. he was djing for an hour, then koxbox live, and
then he was to dj again for a few hours after that.... i caught his initial
hour.. which was pants, and koxbox live, which was funky house, not at all
psychedelic, and couldn't be arsed to stay for his next dj set. big thumbs
down there, sorry.

at this point, we had to start looking into the possibilites of leaving that
day, so i didn't make it back to the dancefloor at all, but i heard logic
bomb while we were packing up the tent. it sounded good. :)

from what i heard from the others, we missed the best night and day of music
from tristan, both djing and live, hallucinogen, dimitri, paul taylor, total
eclipse etc, but you can't win 'em all, even if we had braved it out and
stayed, we wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway due to timo's condition. better
luck next time. ;)

atmosphere seemed to be okay... not the best i've ever experienced, but good
enough. decor was middling... there was more decor around the alternative
stage than on the main dance floor, which is a pity. lighting around the
camping area was almost non-existant. if you didn't have your trusty pocket
torch, you ran into difficulties. :)

points for the organisers? well... more toilets, (never enough loo's) ;),
maybe more showers, a bigger supermarket facility (the one that was there
was absolutely not capable of handling the amount of ppl that attended the
festie), and better food supply - the festie food was nothing to write home
about, and maybe more lighting, especially on the tracks to and from the
dance floor. the free pendal busses to and from the port weren't very
obvious either. ....oh yeah.. and get the dj/live act timetable sorted. ;P

oh... and next time, don't put the sound and the lights on the same
generator, there's not enough power to supply both. hence... a very dark
dancefloor at night, and lots of lovely light equipment that couldn't be
used. either that, or a much bigger gennie. ;)

but overall, excellent festival. fingers crossed there'll be another one.
we'll be there! ;)

photos to be found on http://www.doei.org/pix/solaluna/



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Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic

I'm seriously gonna try and make it to this one.


...I could pick up tix in London, so you just have to worry how to get here or to Greece...

Lemme know!