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Salt Lake City, UTAH. meth, house, Rocky vs. Bush = Dream City


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There’s hope!

After spending a very interesting weekend in Salt Lake City, UTAH, I want to share some of what I saw and experienced to give, perhaps, a different insight considering what we’ve typically been told about Mormons, archaic drinking laws, how republican Utah is, and, especially for us Tribers, in light of the busted rave the same weekend I was there!

It’s odd to think it but Salt Lake City played host to Science and Response: 1st National Conference on Methamphetamine, HIV and Hepatitis. http://www.harmredux.org/conference2005.html. About 900 people attended. Take a look at the agenda and see what was discussed. Keep checking back as apparently they will get the Power Point Slides up from the talks.

The highlight of the conference, for me, was when the mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson spoke. Holy shit… talk about unexpected! This guy is amazing. So progressive, so outspoken! His willingness to “stand up†and put himself on the line under the current political climate is unbelievable.

To give you a sense of what he’s about, on Monday, after the meth conference, Salt Lake played host to the National Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention. There were 10,000 war vets walking around town and George Bush flew in to address them and bolster renewed support for the war in Iraq. So what did Rocky do? He organized and anti-war protest! I had a little bit of time before leaving town to go see some of it. While I was there, there might have been about 300 people… apparently close to 2,000 people showed up. Here are some pics.

So on the Friday night I took myself to a bar called Halo… I’d found out ahead of time that Noel Sanger was spinning. I hadn’t heard him since the original Breathe nights at System 5 years ago. The night was called “Gravity: It’s how we get downâ€. It was a small space and maybe 60-70 people were there. Noel was good (and I have an appreciation of that progressive sound) but I’ve moved on to other beats… He wasn’t doing it for me so I went outside to the back patio where the locals (JLuvv, Brent Vincent, Andrew Innes) were busting out some funky / vocal / get dancing house… Everyone was really friendly including this guy Stirling who was showing some of his photography… www.stirlingphotography.com.

Andrew Innes played a wicked set and I told him so. This lead to a conversation and an invitation to check out their “I Love Ibiza†night the following day at W Lounge. I’d been planning to go to Club Vortex to check out DJ Icey but I’m glad I ran into this crew - more my kinda thing. Check out SLCParty.com run by this wicked girl Angie!

At W Lounge they had guest DJ, Jose2Hype spinning – both him and Andrew played great ass shaking house! The party ended at 2:00am which is standard in SLC; they do actually serve liquor but only until 1:00am but it’s lights on, music off at 2:00am. You can only order two drinks at a time and the server can’t pour more than one ounce in a drink. If you want a double, you have to order your drink and then a “side carâ€, which is a shot you can then dispense into your own drink! Yah :rolleyes:. You are required to buy a membership ($4 temp, $15 for the year) but both times when I said I was from out of town they let me in by just paying the $10 cover.

By the way, Outdoor Magazine just picked Salt Lake City as the number one “Dream Town†in America. And this was based on more than just pretty scenery and relatively affordable real estate… The New American Dream Towns.
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