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Saeed & Palash @ System


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Nice tunes, smooth mixing, not as aggressive as their set in April. Good to meet Kix, OLM from HOM, Temper Tantrum, and all the usual suspects.

The fight in the back room really killed my buzz...and the vibe.

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I had a really good time... I hadn't been on Friday for a few weeks so it was especially good!!
wicked to see everyone

(and I fortunately missed the fight... I had no idea!?!?!)

Temper Tantrum

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I had the best time I think I've ever had at system soundbar, but this was solely because of the groud rather then the music (which was still great, smooth and sweet) This night reminded me what the scene and the music are all about, people from all walks of life brought together by a passion for music. The electronic music scene is a collage of humanity, and the ideals it is founded upon are just as inspirational. (Mind you saying this, I didn't see the fight
this relates to the vibe and good feelings and great dancing I shared with so many of the amazing individuals that came out this night, most of whom I'm priviledged to call my friends)

So many old faces, Nice to meet the new. Montreal doesn't have you guys!

t. tAnTrUm


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Temper Tantrum:
because of the groud rather then the music </font>

if so I agree. I was at Turbo earlier in the night and the music was way better over there but the crowd was pretty empty.

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the fight was ghetto, the etards who cant handle drugs are ghetto, the guy who took off his shirt while his skank girl sucked his nipples in the middle of the dance floor was ghetto, the tunes were ok. luke's guest list offer was sweet.


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The crowd was great as usual (I missed the fight), the impromptu "shower" was hilarious (lots of people got soaked before the security blocked the area off).... and the music was fun.

And does anyone else think that Palash was a goth in a previous lifetime?

His tunes were deep and dark, totally infecting my bloodstream and confusing my feet!

Booty Bits

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my night started off slowly. i spent alot of time in the back lounge area upstairs from the actual back room.
saw a TON of people from all over the place, which made for a much better night.
nothing that Saeed and Palash played made my feet wanna dance. i had to kinda force myself to dance for awhile just to make it feel like i was clubbing.
i met some TBK that night which is always a pleasure.
saw Sunny who always brightens my day... got to go out with my boy Albert which was a nice treat... got a 'guided tour' of the System VIP lounge for the first time from Bumbaclat -- possibly the hardest partier i know!

i am starting to see what people have been saying about the rampant drug use at that bar... i am not passing judgment or laying blame... but holy shit! i was ashamed to have personally known a large handful of the full-force sketchers that night.
gotta love seeing your friends' eyeballs rolling into the backs of their heads.


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ok, maybe i was the only one who thought the music rocked? mark scaife started it up nice, then saeed and palash came in and tore it up for me....i couldn't stop dancing! i'd be talking to someone, then the beat would drop and i'd forget the conversation and start dancing (sorry to everyone who i did this too!)....the music was exactly what i like...have no idea what to define it as (progressive tribalish deep pounding hard house??), but mand did i love it!

fight? musta missed that...

but as good as the music was, it was the people i met/knew/saw that made the night the best night i've ever spent at system....thanks to everyone who put up with me that night, you guys rock
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I had a great night -- the tunes were EXACTLY what I was looking for -- a nice mix of basslines with the odd smattering of harder tunes. The entire time I was there I was dancing my ass off and thought Saeed and Palash dropped a great set

I will agree with Liz on the seeming high prevalence of sketchers -- I too knew more than a few people looking and playing the role... however, I still had a great night and enjoyed seeing the usual suspects out as well as meeting a few new TBKers


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not a bad vibe- good seeing jayisbored, highsteppa, nesta, mark and lynn (and others) as always.

i didn't think their set lived up to the last time they were at breathe, but they still rocked it.

i would liked to have heard matt close it tho.