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Sad News


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Charlene. I am writing to you from my husband, Brian Featherstone's account to let everyone know that Brian died from his post-chemo complications on Wednesday February 17, 2016.

Brian is survived by 3 awesome kids - Paulina (4), Orion (8) and his amazing daughter Bronwyn (25) who was beside us all the way.

Brian and our family made the decision to remove him from life support when our doctors confirmed that he would not recover from his lung injury. He was so brave that day, he was able to talk enough through his trach-tube that he could say everything he wanted to say. He sounded like a synthesized robot and he thought that was cool. He made all of his own decisions that day and even helped the nurses arrange his IV from his bed.

We miss him incredibly. He checked this board a million times a day. He thought Alex was so cool with his metal detector and was always interested in what he'd find.

I am so sorry about the late notice. We are having a small visitation today from 12-2. The link below has the address information and a photo gallery of Brian's life. We will have a celebration of his life in March.

Brian Featherstone Obituary - Giffen-Mack Funeral Home & Cremation Cen | West Hill ON

Bernnie Federko

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Thank you for sharing, Charlene. I feel glad knowing Cosmosuave was surrounded by some of those that Love him, and will take that away with me today.

Klubmasta Will

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rest in peace, cosmosuave. i never had the pleasure of knowing you in person, but i always appreciated your posts and your presence on this board.

charlene - thanks for posting this and sharing the photos of brian's life. it seems he lived an amazing life and was very fortunate to have so many that loved him.

his departure will be felt by many, including all the members of the tribe community.
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He managed to convince me that hardware is always better than software when it comes to music production.

Good stuff. Pretty gutting.
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oh no we lost another one... :(

As someone who is connected to young adult cancer community it sucks to hear this blasted illness has claimed another. (I have a rare blood cancer)

Sorry for yours and your family's loss Charlene. This is very sad. I'm glad Cosmo was able to make end of life decision and be surrounded by loved ones.

I don't post much, but I had to log in (thankfully my computer remembers passwords) and comment.


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Such awful news, and I'm so sorry for your loss Charlene.

I got to know Brian here on Tribe and over on livepa.org. It was fun bringing him down to perform at the Summer Lights Festival in Kitchener back in June - he played a great set and it was nice to finally meet him in person.

He was a gifted musician and a valued member of this community. He will be missed.

Rest in peace.


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Dang. I was totally pulling for him.

For a guy that was obviously in a rough spot, his posts were always positive.

Sorry for your loss Charlene.

Thanks for posting
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RIP to cosmosauve - we didnt' know each other that well on this board or in real life but I'm seeing the ripples of this run through our extended friends and its having an impact.


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Rest in Peace, Brian.

I didn't know you personally, but when you posted about your condition I was rooting for you, along with everyone else on the board.

Charlene, thank you for letting us know, and may you and your family find peace and happiness through your memories of him. Looking through the pictures he seemed like someone who knew how to live a good life!
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RIP cosmosuave

My condolences to Charlene and family.

He was an awesome TRIBE member and will be missed.
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