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did anyone else see the premiere of the beasties movie last night?
for those that live under rocks, the boys bought 50 cameras from best buy and handed them out to lucky crowd members with one stipulation: never stop filming.

it was shot one night in new york with lotsa home-town energy, the thing is fucking kinetic.
holy shit but mix master mike is the dominator on the cross fader.
and money mark is absolute madness on the keyboards on sabotage.

and that limited edition beastie skate deck that was the door prize?
-> send that fucker straight to ebay.
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it was a limited one night pre-release thing yesterday, i saw it at the paramount.

i think the real release comes out on april 14th.


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Holy shit.

You know when a show is so good you get shivers up and down your back? I had that happen to me like 20 times last night. Sometimes like 4 times in one song.

There are some absolutely incredible shots... I can't even find words to describe here but seeing this movie on the big screen is a must if you're a beastie boys fan. If you see it on DVD, then go big screen and sound for sure.

Some people didn't like or get the whole Nathaniel Hornblower shit at the start but I thought it was HILARIOUS. The part with the huge tuna and the chess match was killer.

50,000 bonus points to the peeps behind this project.

SW every day.
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yeah, for all the swoon-y out there, those beasties are some sly sliver foxes.
between the green + gold three stripe track suits and the powder blue tuxes with beige hush puppies, the boys slayed.


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money mark was ri-dic-u-lous bouncing around on his keyboard.
like what the fuck? your action figure wasn't cool enough so now you have to add b-boy keyboard moves as well?


does this guy ever stop getting laid?