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Ryerson Image Arts Show *warning: artsy fartsy thread*


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Just came back from the Ryerson Image Arts show, and WOW - some really great work on display... pleasantly surprised, wasn't expecting too much considering it's student work... but some of the 3rd and 4th year stuff is brilliant...

Here's the info for any art/photography lovers out there:

APRIL 25-28, 2002

Image Arts Building
122 Bond Street

Emerging Artists -- photography, film and new media

Opening Night -- April 25 @ 7:30 pm. live music, auction, photo exhibits, film screenings, artsy fartsy new media exhibits, cash bar

keep your eye out for the series by Francis Ho (last name?) on the first floor, near the entrance... really great, my favourite...


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was there last night - excellent show this year. my old roomie has her stuff in the third floor gallery - I felt like a proud mom:) Some beautiful stills in the first floor studio as well.
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