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Russian Chick on Motorcycle Revisits Chernobyl

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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i don't think i said enough for my english to be broken?
and no :( i didn't... but i run into that all the time ;)


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man, those are some interesting pictures.

people gathered on top of a building to see a huge shinning cloud on top of the chernobyl site??.. yikes!

Evil Dynovac

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That's amazing! Entire ghost cities. All that waste.

I cannot imagine being told that I have to up and leave my home with nothing. I think I might go insane with grief.
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Thanks for the link!

Very cool pics, but very sad. Imagine- nobody can live there for 900 Years!

She must shit her pants when she gets overexposed pictures back!

Ditto Much

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Forgive I find Chernobyl fascinating
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great link. really shows how, in an instant and without warning, people's lives can be forever changed.
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i remember being in grade 1 and hearing about the explosion. freaked the hell out of me even though i didn't really have a clue what radiation was.
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