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Rush - Beyond the Lighted Stage

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Rage, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    Any Rush fans out there...have you seen this yet?

    All I can say is WOW...what a great doc done on the MOST underrated band in the history of music...been a fan for years and this move is the greatest piece of work I have ever seen on the 3rd most successful band in the history of music (only behind the Beatles & Stones)

  2. agentRC4

    agentRC4 TRIBE Member

    Can't wait to get this. I've heard nothing but great reviews.

    My 4 year old daughter loves belting out "Closer to the Heart"
  3. [- FuNKtiOn -]

    [- FuNKtiOn -] TRIBE Member

    claiming them as the most underrated and 3rd most succesful in the same paragraph seems like conflicting statement of sorts.
  4. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    ...but that's the point...it is of record that the only two more successful bands in the history of music / Rock & Roll is the Beatles & the Stones but yet, Rush is never mentioned in the same sentence as these bands when any discussion on which bands are the most prolific.

    This is talked about at length in the documentary.

    Even if your not a fan of the band, the doc is great...plus, the fact that 2/3 of the band are from Toronto (the drummer is from St Catherines) is cool as well (there is some great footage of pre 1970's Yorkville) and a great bit about the early days of Toronto's live music scene.
  5. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    A must-see - even if you aren't a big Rush fan but are a music lover, this is a vital watch.

    Lucky me, I was crowing about this for two weeks straight after the DVD came out, then out-of-the-blue was invited to join a friend in the VIP seating at the Amphitheatre show, where Rush performed Moving Pictures in its entirety, alongside other classics and some newer material. There were probably at least 5,000 professional air drummers in the audience that night.
  6. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    I love Rush but I'd put Zeppelin ahead of them.
  7. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    You were right behind me I suppose, my buddy is the LD for the tour and I had the PLEASURE of watching both shows from the Sound/Lighting booth...I LOVED how they played all of Moving Pictures (the added video interludes on the screen was the icing on the cake) I just wish they played it in it's natural order but, man, NOT complaining at all!!

    Last time I saw them was on the Test For Echo tour and I liked their set list for that a bit more...(all of 2112, 1st side of Hemispheres and my all time fav Rush tune, Natural Science!!!
  8. Sleepy Giant

    Sleepy Giant TRIBE Member

    I agree 100%

    I didn't really like Rush before seeing this movie and was amazed at how many of the songs I recognized. They have totally won me over.

    They truly deserve more respect than they get.
  9. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    Rush would be such an awesome band with Kim Mitchell as the lead singer and Geddy Lee not singing.
  10. shaggs

    shaggs TRIBE Member

    Went to see the Saturday show gave me goosebumps all night see them everytime they are in town and sometimes go out of town to catch them great live shows they put on.
  11. shaggs

    shaggs TRIBE Member

    Guy I went to highschool with Scott McFadden and his partner made this documentary they also did Iron Maiden's Flight 666.
  12. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    lol...ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    With Geddy's voice, you either love it or hate it, no in between...I've always looked at is as his voice is another instrument in the band.

    Don't forget, his bass playing is out of this world, cited by numerous bass players as revolutionizing the way the bass had been played AND...he can play it with his feet, sing and play keyboards at the same time!!

    That Maiden movie, Flight 666 was AMAZING!!

    These guys are really doing some great things in the world of rock documentaries.
  13. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    I just can't stand the man's singing. Everything else = awesome.
  14. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Same here. If it wasn't for his voice I would likely be the biggest Rush fan alive. As it is I can't get through a couple of bars of him singing before I have to turn it off.
  15. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    IMO, some of their best work has been on the numerous instrumentals they have done over the years;

    La Villa
    Where's My Thing
    Leave That Thing Alone
    Cygnus X-1

    etc etc
  16. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    I watched this and really enjoyed it. I'm not a Rush fan at all....but seeing that I've played bass for a number of years, you don't have to tell me the god like status Geddy Lee has in the bass playing world.

    I watched the movie and was highly entertained by the stories and cameos of other musicians.

    Even if you aren't a fan, I can't stress enough how amazing their story truly is. This movie made me feel really good for them.
  17. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    You guys don't like the old Geddy's voice? now he sounds like a raccoon stuck in a bear trap, but back in the day his voice was unique the same with Ozzy, Bruce Dickerson, Robert Plant, Dio, etc... now when you turn on the radio they all sound the same.

    Neil Peart is from Hamilton. At least that shit hole is good for something.:)
  18. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    I thought the exact same thing until he said in the doc he was from St Catherines...if it is Hamilton, then all else can be forgiven when speaking about the hallowed grounds of Neil Peart

  19. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    Hagersville, Ontario.
    near both St Catharines and Hamilton.
  20. bombthreat23

    bombthreat23 TRIBE Member

    ummm they aren't even close to 3rd most successful band. They have only sold 25 million albums. That puts them like 100th or something. AC/DC has sold well over 200 million to put that into perspective for you. They actually have 3 albums that alone that have each sold over 25 million.
  21. Rage

    Rage TRIBE Member

    I guess I should rephrase (I'm SUCH a Rush fan that I look at it as the glass is half full...lol)

    Over the course of their career, Rush has come to release 24 gold records and 14 platinum records (3 of which have gone multiplatinum),[93] placing them within the top 3 for the most consecutive gold albums by a rock band.[94] Rush ranks 79th in U.S. album sales according to the RIAA with sales of 25 million units.[94] Total worldwide sales approximate 40 million units.[95][96][97][98]
  22. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Yeah isn't it something like 1. Beatles 2. ABBA 3. Queen ?
  23. shaggs

    shaggs TRIBE Member

    Scott McFadden in high schoool was involved in audio visual classes constantly who would of thought it would have helped his career like this.
  24. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    I would think Elvis is up there too
  25. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    I was just listing Bands. If we go by 'Acts' I am pretty sure it is 1. The Beatles 2. Elvis 3. Michael jackson.

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