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Rumours! Gossip! Scandal!

Adam Duke

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I figured that title would get a lot of page views...

Word online overseas is (and feel free to add anything that y'all have heard also):

#1) Utah Saints will be touring North America this summer
#2) Justin Berkovi is planning a NA tour...(crikey! YES!!!)
#3) Oakenfold died in a glider accident


Destro Sanchez

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Dont remember that track from years ago? I saw a new LP in HMV today...wonder what it's like?

With a name like Tech Head Rob, how could you not know who Justin Berkovi is??

Quirky, experimental, Neil Landstumm-ish techno. At least that's what he was doing on the few records that I have from a few years ago...DJAX and some other label..



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from what i heard the new utah saints is great :)

really wish i had picked it up from hmv when it was 14.99

its around $28s now! :eek:

fuck hmv!



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Berkovi finally touring NA! Sweeeeet.

FTWDK [for those who don't know]

Berkovi was/is the man behind several gear reviews for Future Music [or some other big UK electronic music mag], he's produced some of the best quirk funk on the planet with the daunted No Future camp out of Brighton (where they have a fake Taj Mahal).

I consider the No Future guys (Landstrumm, Vogel, Berkovi, Tarrida, Schmidt and Begg) to be the future jazz of electronic music, making experimental tunes, for experimental minds. These guys are not looking back, they are the most forward thinkers, and some of the most respected techno producers of the inner circle. Finally their shit is starting to take off, and when it does, expect only the zaniest of shit to follow.

As for Berkovi's latest wax, its been killer! His last LP Transit was full on, no relent and by far his best LP IMHO (and I haven't missed a Berkovi record in the past 4 years). Check it out its on Music Man. BTW Berkovi live is unbelieveable, he released some live stuff on vinyl back in 98, and its was completely off the hook. I can't wait for a Berkovi show near me.

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yeah, i checked out some tracks on audioxgalaxy
*meh* good stuff, just not my kinda thing... i find so called 'abstract' techno hard to get into just sitting down and one song at a time.
mixed live is another story though!

Adam Duke

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Ah, audio toddio...glad to see you 'round these parts again! I miss ya's! When am i gonna get to feel the love in person again, brotha? i have a new Allen & Heath, so you gotta come up and jam, ya dig?

shoot me a message on the ding-a-linger sometime!



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I hope I can come check you out soon bro, sorry I missed that last party I was supposed to come down for, I heard you guys rocked it, with Tshirts to boot!

I'm currently going manic with school, but soon its all over, and life gets sweeter for another 4 months. Now that I got some dough I should be down in the Tdot area soon, I got your digits I'll call ya soon.


ps. think you and kf would feel up to coming west to Guelph some Friday night?