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Rube Goldberg Machines


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i made one of these when i was in grade 7.
it was a huge contraption that could make pancakes from scratch...it involved bicycles, trough's, ropes, blenders, etc.


got me looking for examples of other such devices on line.

I found some intersting Japanese examples...although they don't actually create any final product, they are neat and quite innovative at times.

anyone know of any links to some other examples?
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our high school physics teacher gave us extra credit projects every quarter -- one was to make a rube goldberg machine and it had to do something worthwhile at the end. mine made a bowl of shredded wheat. it was awesome.

those vids are from a japanese tv show called PythagoraSwitch. so soothing.

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There was a Daily Planet segment on these the other day, there was some competition for these things and the winning team built a machine that did something like 250 steps before completing.
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