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Royal City @ Horseshoe Tavern

Booty Bits

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so i doubt that 95% of tribe will give a crap about this, but i went to check our RC tonight.
i was a little late on the bandwagon, having only discovered them back at the beginning of June.
i've listened to Alone at the Microphone ad nauseum since then and have been waiting for the chance to see them live.
these guys are just so damn talented. they have this wicked blend of melancholy, dark humour, a jam session vibe and a sweet sounding homegrown feel.
i know that last sentence didnt make much sense, but i'm just trying to sum it all up!
theres a guitar, a violin, a bass, drums, banjo...the whole shebang. they've really tapped into that great twangy sound. theres something about the way they pair their dark, foreboding lyrics with this sweet sounding country/rock/folk thing that just really does it for me.
anyway, they were wicked. i am so thoroughly impressed with the Three Gut Records artists that i have been so lucky to hear over the last little while.

so, to sum up, go check out Alone at the Microphone! its one of my favourite albums. and go see Royal City the next time they're playing in town.

thats it, thats all.


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I think they had an album called At Rush Hour The Cars, which we played a couple times on our radio show at McMaster.

I saw them open for Dismemberment Plan at Ted's Wrecking Yard a few years ago - they had an impressive set.
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I first came across Royal City 3 yrs ago at NXNE and they blew me away.
I have the At Rush Hour the Cars album and have been wanting to pick up the newest album! I think i'll go get it afterall -

Booty Bits did the other guitar play his own stuff at all?..I can't remember his name Guthrie or something..his shit is really good too


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As a former Guelphite, I have to be into these guys. :p

Definetely a great live band, I've seen them more than once, but never in Toronto.