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Roy Davis Jr. @System

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Jun 10, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    Oh my gosh!
    I came in right as Finally by Kings of Tomorrow was playing, then it was played again! What is the deal of this song being played twice? I LOVE IT!!

    Roy Davis is one amazing house producer. I wasn't sure about going, which I don't know why I wouldn't want to, but anyway I went and had an amazing time. He played Gabriel, altho it started skipping at first and I was really worried he wasn't gonna play it, but it was played and I danced and danced. It was incredible! There was so many tracks dropped I am in love with. The vibe was great, everyone was just loving the music, and having a great time. I couldn't ask for anything more than to enjoy this with my 4 star partner, even if there was no jungle. [​IMG]

    meghin <---- TBL
  2. Spike2

    Spike2 TRIBE Member

    Just got home and all I can say is it was amazing!!! did the full tour tonite, first spent some time in the vip celebrating joys' bday thnx to the dj in there for taking our requests all night - warmed us up nicely - then Roy rocked us till about 4:00 then we chilled in the back in that little bedroom area they have setup... awesome night but now I must go to sleep... reviews to come.
  3. evolve

    evolve TRIBE Member

    awsome track selection by Mr RoyDavis Jr. I have to get my hands on that Darryl Hall and John Oats remix. Good night overall, it was nice and busy!
  4. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    "Well I....can't go for that..." - Hall and Oats track...

    Well not a bad night at good old System. I decided to hang out in the VIP room and chill with Michael Drury before heading out to hear Mr. Davis. I didn't really want to warm up to Dino and Terry. After the turntable problems were fixed upstairs Mikey threw down a decent set.

    On to Roy Davis....talk about funky, funky, funky remixes. Not really the hard banging booty style house but not the lullabye of garage either. The night had that cool vibe. Icy minty cool! Lots of people just chillin' and getting down. I enjoyed myself and drank up a storm as well. "hic-cup"

    A lot of my good time was because of my sexy party buddy "you know who you are babydoll!". She made my night by making me laugh, dance, and sing out loud. It's nice to be able to really hang with someone who is very cute and who is into the music as much as you are. (I knew Roy Davis was doing a good job as I could kinda tell by the way her body wuz movin', ahem, youknowhatimsayin' [​IMG] )

    There was one little slow spot in the night when Roy Davis went with a few minimal beat tracks. I think that it threw the crowd off a bit but when he came back he was oh so soulful.

    Roy Davis Junior....Soul Brotha #1!
  5. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member


    i dont usually listen to house(i never do) but i had a good time and can now differentiate between a good and bad house DJ! Roy davis jr. was off the hook....poeple were definetly having a great time and that was enough for me! I like what system did with the joint,especially the nylon draping! Saw some TBK all around(smiley Jo, nice talkin' to you!).....house is soulful,playful, and full of love and I kinda dug it that night!
  6. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    It was a really fun night. Although I was really not feeling up to going, I was able to forget earlier events in the day with the help of all my awesome friends, and all the smiles and hugs from my fellow TBK. Thanks guys!
    The night was all about dancing. Unfortunately when you are a short ass like me, and you are in a packed club it can prove to be a challenge. I managed to make due, motivated by the sweet sweet house beats coming from the man himself.
    I'm a sucker for heavy bass, a sucker for cheesy lyrics, and now I think i'm a sucker for 80's remixes. I counted SO many that night!
    Roy Daivs Jr. was great, considering the technical difficulties he seemed to be having towards the end, but he didn't blow me away like he did the last time I heard him. Maybe he was a bit on the tired side after the UP festival, and all that partying with the Tribe crew. Plus, he didn't play "You are my high" which I have really been wanting to hear!
    It was a great vibe though, happy faces all over the place. Glad I was out to be a part of it!

    Joanna [​IMG]

    P.S. terrawrist III, where did you run off to anyhow? I love when people say, "I'll be right back", you never see them again... [​IMG]
  7. squirrel

    squirrel TRIBE Member

    OH MY GOSH........How about when he played that george micheal track....i was so happy. me and james were just having a conversation a few days earlier about how that was one of the best songs of the eighties. i had an awesome time dancing to a much-needed night of house.
  8. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    Ahhh yes....that Wham track with George Michael on the vocal is stupidly sick! "Everything She Wants" da remix.

    It was sounding especially good that night!

    Peace Party People
  9. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    I represent that comment. Moreso than usual on Saturday night. Sorry everyone [​IMG]. I just wander off to the washroom to refill my water bottle or something and I run into someone and chat with them.

    -- Jay aka Fut
  10. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member


    The night can be summarized as that [​IMG]

    t. tAnTrUm
  11. dora

    dora TRIBE Member

    Can I go to a party without meeting up with more fabulous TBK people?

    So nice to meet everyone, especially new people like e.riot (meghin, you're too sweet, you and allie are totally at the top of the list of coolness!) redhat30, kiFe. good to see mcbee, loress, futronic, smiley jo etc

    The music was so cool. Actually I had a really good time downstairs as well with the more downtempo stuff (was it blueprint?)

    Buy Roy with his 80's tracks completely blew me away! It's so rare to see that many shiny smiling happy people on the dance floor, right up until the end of his set! The skipping was definitely jarring. He's not as mindblowing as some of my friends have hyped him up to be, but he's a solid good time. His mixing is OK, but once in a while, it's that rare track that he owns that really makes or break the night. I'd definitely see him again for a good time, but if I miss him, it's not a huge regret either.

    I've figured out that Jay is just simply someone that I say hello and goodbye to, I don't think I've ever hung out with him through the night (maybe Donald Glaude).

    And I can relate to Solace's comments. I was hangin' out with a Susan...no wait, I kept losing her...the few times I was around her, I loved watching her have a good time, down some shots (I'm so bad for you!) Sorry I just didn't have the stamina that night. And I hung out with another friend a lot as well, who's an absolute sweeite! I love seeing big men get all diva-styled as they sing aloud and strut with attitude [​IMG] Lovely all the same, very warm fuzzy feelings all around.
  12. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Ouch! [​IMG]

    -- Jay aka Fut
  13. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    Thank you. =) And as for Susan, you have to tell her that I and Jordan think she is one of the best and coolest dancers ever. ANd she's so hyper, I love it. She kept asking where you were, then you kept asking me, it was a big mess.

  14. olde

    olde TRIBE Member

    Yes Susan is one of the funkiest Dancers I have met [​IMG]

    Jay it was nice hanging out with you again.
    I had a blast. I wish he had played more of his own tracks. I would have loved to have heard Got 2 Get 2 Heaven or Michael but oh well. The club set he spun was almost as good.

    One of the first house events I have been to in about a month and I had the best time, especially with the company I was in [​IMG]


    p.s. that could this be love remix was L-I-V-E
  15. dora

    dora TRIBE Member

    Jay, it was a lament, like a miss you. Was not a diss at all!

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