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Roy Davis Jr. @ System

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by PaRtYKiD, Oct 15, 2000.

  1. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member

    post the reviews here...

    Mine will be up in the morning.


  2. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    damn you corey, you beat me to it!!!

    my review will be up in the morning too...
    too tired right now. all i know is i got a damn big grin on my face right now!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    sarah [​IMG]
  3. PaRtYKiD

    PaRtYKiD TRIBE Member

    There was a choice.

    Roy Davis Jr.
    Big Bud. or

    The choice was Mr. Davis, and needless to say it was the right one.

    It was a night of house. Soulful, grooving, funky, tribal house. It was a beautiful mixup of tracks, each spun to its entirety complements of the master. Beat matching was dead on, some mixes were simplistic, some were more fun, involving the funky looping of a few tracks. But he was a man of his tracks. The older classy tracks threw an indescribable smile on my giddy little face, plus throwing down some more mainstream, but still intoxicating, hits to get the entire house grooving in a downright frenzy.

    The theme for the night seemed to be ‘holyshit I haven’t seen you in years!!’ Needless to say Mr Davis brought out some old and very familar faces. This made the night not only about the music, but about catching up on days past.

    I had to take off after Davis finished at 3:50.

    Any reviews on Terrance Parker? His first track was so funky I was debating whether I should brave the storm and stay.

    But all in all, a wicked and refreshing night. The System crowd loved it, so did I.

    Roy Davis Jr’s set: 4/5

  4. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

    Well I went to see Terrence Parker and Roy Davis Jr. and I must say that Terrence Realy tore shit up with the equipment he had to use last night, (It wasn't really set up the way he usually likes) But anyways I personally think that Roy Davis Bit the big bag, He just wasn't on last night... His track selection and programing wasn't very good... But Terrence was wicked as he always is... and he was dropping all the right tracks at the right time....

  5. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    damn that was fun last nite! [​IMG]

    house music all nite long....and what a nite it was!
    i went out last nite sort of spontaneously and not really anticipating a crazy nite. was gonna go to system with a friend of mine, have a few drinks, dance for a bit and head home. wasn't certainly not prepared for the madness that ensued!!! from right when we got there, the atmosphere seemed hyped for a party! smiles and dancing everywhere! and as corey said, alot of "oh my god! so good to see you!" (glad you randomly came down Stevie!!) to all those i hung out with, thanks for putting a smile on my face! you guys always make me nite!!
    i don't think i've danced so much to house in a LONG time! evil p, roy davis jr, and terrence parker - all rose to the challenge and kept the crowd in a frenzy all nite long!! everytime i'd finally slow down a bit to take a breather, i'd find myself dancing to the next track wihtout even trying. i just didn't (and couldn't) stop!!

    all in all, a great nite. gotta go take a nap, this kid is tired!!
    [​IMG] sarah
  6. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    forgive me - i'm tired...
    thanks to pete for my long overdue birthday drink!!
    well worth the wait [​IMG]
  7. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member



    As is the usual, as soon as heard my man Roy Davis Jr. would be in town, I dropped all other plans and headed out to system soundbar on saturday night...the set was a litlle more commercial than expected from rdj, but it was just way too much fun...I havent seen a vibe like that at system ever (not that ive been there a million times or anything, but still...)...a good showcase of mixing, a few quick drops and some longer, smoother mixes, all bang on pretty much...and I couldnt help but look up to the roof and smile as i glimpsed the dancing, smiling RDJ bouncing up and down...unfortunately like Corey I had to duck out after RDJ so I didnt get to see TP...but my legs were so sore and tired from RDJ's unrelentless groove attack that I dont think I could've lasted much longer anyway...
  8. Dam That SnarkEE Kid

    Dam That SnarkEE Kid TRIBE Member

    "So many familiar faces, so many familiar tracks"...

    I went to System for one sole purpose: To surprise my friend Heather with an unexpected visit. Who knew that I was the one who would be receiving the best surprises!

    It'd be redundant to say it again, but I saw people whom I haven't seen since the summer, or for a few years. And I wasn't sure what to expect from System, but I've gotta say that the crowd has gotten ALOT better than what I remember from the summer. Underline the word ALOT.

    I'm a sucker for cheesy house lyrics, so the combination of Singalong House and the company around me made for an incredibly enjoyable night. (Daddy's Favorite is also Stevie's Favorite.)

    So yes, it was lots o'fun. Glad I saw you Sarah, and hopefully I'll drop by randomly again. I suppose living in London makes you not take things for granted...Three words: I miss Toronto!

    Signing Off, .StEEvEEdEE.
  9. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    Roy Davis Jr. got it on last night. Each time I see him, he gets better and better. Throwing in a blend of funky, vocals, and tribal, with his dead on mixes made for a lovely night. Not only that, he played off the crowd...the ones that were "there".

    It would've made for a much better night had the vibe been a lot better. Lucky for me, I was with a ton of people, so it wasn't so bad. However, there were way too many drunk hooligans and fucked up people. The drunks wanted pussy any way possible and the fucked up people wanted to fuck up the night for other people.

    Throw in a little card swiping by System security, I wasn't too pleased.

    So with that said, I was only able to last to see Mr. Davis Jr.


  10. Bull Go Ki

    Bull Go Ki TRIBE Member

    Whatsup with the card swiping at Systems anyway? Are they compiling a database of us so that they can sell it to corporations interested in sponsering events? Im not too comfortable with the idea of someone swiping my card containing personal information about myself, but i guess there is nothing we can do about that, right.

    Anyways Roy Davis was ok last night, his enthusisasm really made his set entertaining. The VIP lounge was also off the hook! Respect to Micheal Drury for throwing down nice, tracks, and keeping everyone in the lounge smiling.

  11. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Thanks Sarah [​IMG]
    Where were you last night? I actually showed up (in case you were doubting), but there was no mcbee there! And there was no Ritika either for that matter! Oh well, I feel like so much sickness today, maybe i'll go home early. Friday was fun [​IMG]


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