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*** Roy Davis Jr @ System Soundbar ***

Man o'man, why aren't I in Toronto tonight? My biggest regret of the year so far. Last time Roy Davis was in town, I surprised everyone by just showing up at System after deciding to go at like 8pm.

I had planned on surprising everyone again tonight...but alas, my poor little body just couldn't be there. (My spirit is/was there, with you all...and my picture, with Ritika!)

So how was it? What'd I miss? Make me feel crappy! C'mon, I dare ya!

- More Regrets than Dmitri! -


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it's 3am, I just got home from work..

I hate everyone that went tonight...

please lie to us and say that he played a crappy set


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i missed him too- killer ear ache on the way downtown, so close but so far away...oh well there's always next time because this is a bi monthly residency tis it not?



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whoa...no reviews yet? im sorry y'all had to miss this party becauze it was AMAZING.
ROY DAVIS JR. is sick! three hour set...and it looked like nobody wanted to leave...last time i heard him was @ bittersweet in 98', i missed the other times he was here...it was a really good nite, wish you guys didnt miss this one...


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Daym....thats all I can say right now

I was fairly inebriated but it was definately an amazing 3 hours of music
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if there is one dj i would love to see, but never make it out to, it's roy davis jr...definitely plan to make it down next time he is at system...



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roy davis jr. his music has been in heavy rotation in my life this winter and i was *so* looking forward to the evening...

it was a fun, drunk, crazy, crowded, hot, overwhelming, energitic, emotional nite. i sill exhausting and can't write a proper review. i would have loved the nite if had not been for some personal shit that went down.
oh well. life goes on. at least i went home with a half smile on my face thanks to roy.



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forgot to say how nice it was to see so many tribe kids out in full force on saturday!!

dlerium, redhat30, partykid (still no lovin'....), sunne dee (did you ever get unattached from the stool??!!), chrome, tack one, futronic, smiley jo, did i miss anyone?? (i was drunk so that explains it if i did!!)

stevie dee...you were definiately missed!! dancefloor is not the same without ya.
and basic, where the hell were you? i knew you were there but i couldn't find your cute face to say hi!!

big kiss to you all! the nite is always better when there are so many familiar faces around!!
p.s. and mary, i know you are reading this!! start posting damnit.


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well Sarah, when figuring out my plans for the evening, I had to do some mathematics...and I figured that while RDJ comes four times a year, it's only my man Kife's b-day once a year, so I escorted him to nightmare...


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Originally posted by basic:
well Sarah, when figuring out my plans for the evening, I had to do some mathematics...and I figured that while RDJ comes four times a year, it's only my man Kife's b-day once a year, so I escorted him to nightmare...
very understandable. you are a good friend. someone was on crack at system tho. i forget who, but someone told me they had seen you! oh well! hope nightmare was fun.
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Smiley Jo

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I had *so* much fun on Saturday night, and I have to say it was thanks to the music and my fabulous friends.

I had to work til one, and as I headed down to System, all signs began to point to a bad evening. The line up was huge, which I expected and the guest line was just as huge. What I didn’t know as I stood in it was that guest list ended at 1:30, and the other line was moving faster. The unexpected cost was not the end of the world, but I wish I had have known.

I was in line for an hour, yuck.

When I walked in, a few of the people I had come to meet were already leaving. I took that as a sign that things inside might be out of control, but considering I had just paid cover, I thought I’d check it out anyhow. Due to my wait outside, I missed last call, which did not impress me in the least either, cuz all night at work I’d been wanting a beer. I’m sure a few of you can relate.

My night started to turn around though when I heard the sweet music coming from Mr. Roy Davis Jr. He sounded absolutely fabulous. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from him, I was worried that it might be a slow for my liking, but that was not the case! He mixed it up well, playing some harder tracks, as well as some soulful ones, and a few token “mainstream” house tunes for good mesure. It was all feel good house though, it was the kind on stuff that made you shake your ass, and gave you the urge to make out with the person next to you. It was amazing, and my ugly mood completely disappeared.

The crowd was all smiles too, and I have to say thanks to my friends for making it such a great night.

Oh yeah, I’d also like to send a special shout out to the idiot who decided that it would be a real funny idea to set off a stink bomb in the middle of a roasting, packed, horribly ventilated club. I guess no one could laugh at how funny it was, BECAUSE THEY WERE GAGGING. Real funny

Nice to see Ritika, and Sarah (for a split second as usual) and Chrome (two nights in a row, lucky me
) and of course, Jay. You’re always great to party with, thanks for watchin’ my back
! To all of you who regretted not going to this event, you should be kicking yourself, it was a night to remember!

Joanna --> definitely earned my nickname that night!

Sunne Dee

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sunne dee (did you ever get unattached from the stool??!!)
HAHAHAHA... i was t0o drunk to move! No but seriously i was just sitting and being a social butterfly. It was nice seeing you t0o Sarah.

Roy Davis was seriously ILL! He is my favorite Dj... he impresses me every time. I could never get sick of hearing him.
How could you not love that man? So groovy, funky and soulful.