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roy ayers


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I forgot how much I liked this guys stuff. just found an old cassette with a bunch of his production.


perfect for this afternoon.

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a couple of nice roy ayers house re-edits released recently...

sugar - roy ayers (joey negro rmx) on bbe being just one of them. nice...

love his original shit though... tight!


el Guapo

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agreed. his original stuff is supreme.....the recent release of classic track "Baby doll" is off the hook!

also love Kerri Chandler/Roy Ayers - "Good Vibrations"......so nice.

prolly one of my fav all time male vocalists ;)
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bbe is putting an album of unreleased Roy Ayers out. A couple of 12's have already been released.

Don C

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"Love will bring us back together" is my favourite..."Freaky Deaky" and "Running Away" are right up there too
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