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Roxy Blu Reunion at Sunnyside


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The very first dance party I went to in Toronto was a Movement party at Roxy Blu - this was a discovery for me, and also like coming home - it was just what I had been looking for.
From then on I was there often, including for that amazing closing night party.

To have a reunion at Sunnyside was just perfect:
I got there as Nav was wrapping up, then came on someone whose name I don't know, then Jason P, great big set, then Gani and Felix threw down a bumping set the likes of which I haven't heard them play in a while.

The layout and speakers were unfortunately different from the Miguel Migs party, so everyone tended to cram up towards the front and I didn't have my sweet little dancing spot at the back.
And it was really packed.
And there were some really bumpy people, the kind who either stand around creating that dead energy space, or bash right into you and almost knock you over once they've decided they need another drink.

But we managed; in each set I found one of those great happy moments, and whoever did the close-out set did a great job: some complete feel good classics in there, the kind that make you (at least me) wind up with this grin you can't stop.

And all the goofballs were gone by then, so there was room to move.

Among a number of familiar faces I saw a few tribers there: sam, octo, mrtunes, and OTIS briefly later.

Thank you to all those who take the trouble to put on a party like this in a venue like this - it's always some form of good time :).


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yes at times it felt like a mosh pit up at the front. Great music all night however :) I was loving the classics at the end, and I walked into the place as they were playing a DJ Sneak track from 95


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it was really too packed but i loved the music i was hearing. it's a shame because these kinds of nights cost a lot of money and are a voyage to get to, so i would've liked to have stayed longer to enjoy it.

the format of the djs was really cool with a lot of short sets, you can't help but think of something like the last waltz lol. i also liked how quickly the tracks switched up as a result.


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i had a great time at this. being outside on a gorgeous night with some great music, it was super fun. more outdoor events!