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Roommate Wanted - College Between Spadina/bathurst


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Looking for a responsible, easy-going and fun student or young professional to live with a web developer and musican/internet marketer:

-1 room available in 3 bedroom suite, upper 2 floors of a house
-renovated w/ hardwood floors, new kitchen, laundry on-site, central air
-10 min. to UofT
-College between Spadina/Bathurst
-Available February 1st, $500+
-Must be cat friendly

Private msg me (Charles) or:

email :: cozyfury<nospam>@yahoo.ca
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Yeah, I only need a place until June, and that is causing some problems, most people want more of a commitment. I have two more appointments today, then I'll decide. I am getting so stressed about it right now.


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update on the place

-we've received a lot of response so far and will be showing the place between Jan 24-31st ~ basically whatever is convenient for you and us. :) --usually after 5pm is good.

-also, we have a wireless hi-speed network and movie/specialty channels on Digital cable


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place still available

The place is still available....

For all those that have phoned...I will be making calls today after 6pm...to schedule appointments starting tomorrow..

thx for your patience...things have been CRAZY lately..