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Roommate Rental Landlord Living-Space Neighbour Horror Stories


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The guy's got a baby and the landlord is fucking around with the hvac. Do you have any idea how easy it is for little ones to get really sick, really quickly? There's no guarantees they'll recover.

I imagine the amount of money spent on landlord tribunal is a fraction of what it costs to pay for the rehab/detox you've used (or will eventually use).

Maybe it is time you quit this board.

I've seen co workers go through their kid's Cancer. Stem cell research. We were there for them, and they turned out to be the largest loosers in existence in the end, trying to fire everyone.

To get ahead, bro. Throw everyone under the bus, in the end.

My mom has been there, 50 years of Cancer. Do you have anything to say
She's a real survivor, not like Dan's magic dust irritants. Fuck that noise. Take them out!
You're not making any sense James.