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Roommate needed for July 1 - Queen/Bathurst $700


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save me from some of the craigslist wierdos who have been emailing me!!!!!!

My current roommate is moving in with her boyfriend so I am hoping to find another great roommate to share my apartment. I love this place and would really hate to have to give it up. And the location can't be beat! It's steps from Queen West, and a short walk to Little Italy, Ossington, Chinatown, Kensington Market and Trinity Bellwoods Park. Three streetcar routes are no more than a five minute walk away: Queen (24 hour), Bathurst (24 hour) and Dundas. The room would be available for July 1st.

The apartment is on the second floor of a small three floor walk-up on a quiet street. It has:

- 2 bedrooms
- semi open-concept kitchen/living room
- bathroom with tub and shower
- coin laundry in the basement
- landlord installs a/c units in living room in the summer
- dishwasher
- balcony facing the street
- hardwood floors
- extra storage area in back stairwell
- there is permit parking available on the street
- the landlord lives a few houses down the street so fixes any problems quickly
- rent is $700 inclusive (extra for cable and/or internet to split with me)
- your room is unfurnished and the apartment will be semi-furnished when my roommate moves out as most of the furniture is hers, so if you have furniture, even better!

About me:

I am a 28 year old female professional working in fashion. I am out of the house from 7:00 – 6:00 pm on weekdays and usually around in the evening. I'm usually around during the weeknights. Weekends are a different story – depending on whatever else exciting is happening! I'm not big on having too many people over (I tend to prefer invading other people's houses or partying elsewhere!). I should mention that this apartment is not party central – I like to keep my place calm and quiet. I like to cook and bake a lot, so I'm often pottering around in the kitchen and there is usually baking to share. I'm a huge music fan, but I won't blast my music loudly unless you're not home (or you want me to!).

About you:

I'm looking for a roommate within the same age range (20s/30s) who is clean, cool, friendly and respectful of my space with a similar mindset. I'd prefer a female, but I'm not adverse to a male roommate - someone who deosn't have a ton of people over all of the time, and for the most part prefers to go out to party as opposed to here. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend I'm totally cool with them being here and staying with you – just not all the time! I promise to do the same. :) I am looking for someone who is clean and keeps common areas tidy and liveable and is willing to take turns cleaning them. I'm not going to freak out if a dish is left in the sink overnight, but I do expect you to not leave them there for a week. You know, just clean up after yourself.

pics here:


PM me if you're interested or pass the info along if you know of anyone looking for a place!


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I could be a good roommate for you!

It sounds like I might be a good fit for you! You and your place sound like exactly what I am looking for. I have even gone through the process of joining this forum in order to message you. Unfortunately I have not reached PM status and can only write you a reply here. So, here it goes.

I am looking for a place beginning July in the Queen/Bathurst area. I am 25 and a grad student and have 2-3 years left, so I am looking for somewhere long term. I am vegan and love to cook :) I do have my own furniture and a fully stocked kitchen. I am easy-going and great at communicating. I am also very tidy :) Before I go into more details and post an alter-email address I do have one important question. I have a 13-year-old mini dachshund. He is well trained, very low maintenance and a major cuddler! Would this be okay with you?

I hope to hear from you :)
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ahhh poor ninja lol. but whoever moved in will have been living there a year soon, and maybe they hate it and are moving out, ya just never know!!!
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