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roomie wanted | college and clinton | april 1st


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so my silent monk-like roomie is off to montreal at the end of the month.
here is your big chance to get a shiny new nickname like princess or chuckles.

i am a sassy, saucy design type working for a non-profit.
i am looking for another creative to share my swank apartment at college and clinton, in the heart of little italy.
miss kitty, a spry 15 year old, shares the space with me. she likes socks.
there are also many monsters.

the place is big and bright with lotsa windows and an eat-in kitchen, and the rooftop patio is great for hanging out.
there is 24h ttc at the door, 24h dominion down the street, and the royal theatre is just 2 doors down.

you also get a genuine crazy lady next door, baby gangsters on the ground floor and woodbridge's finest on the weekends.
rent is $620 including utilities, hi-speed net and cable. i am looking to find someone for april 1st.

if you are interested in viewing the room:
mail jon_starchuk @ yahoo . ca
call 416 562 9975
or fill my box.

this is an equal opportunity roomie posting, both jews and retards are very welcome to reply.
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free window

closet for hiding secrets

sexy patio



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the patio looks down on the diplomatico.
i like sniggering at all the rockstars and beautiful people as they primp and pose self-importantly.

it is hours of entertainmnet, especially when mixed with gin.
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the apartment is being shown today, sunday the 19th, for all those that are interested.
^ look up for my contact info.

my lazy ass didn't make any snax this time around, but i am sure that i can get something yummy to eat.


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well thank you miss tantrum - very sweet, but not all that helpful.

the place is still available, i am trying to have things settled by the weekend.
i will be around painting on both saturday and sunday so come and visit.

this time i promise snacks.


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she is still a barfer, but it got better when i put her on the organic food.

a bit of a pisser at $20 a bag, but much better for miss k.
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would ms kitty like to live with mr kitty?


he eats $0.69 a can Equality cat food, and doesnt barf

hes a nimble 13 years old