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roomie hell


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Originally posted by gasper

get your hands on some RAFFINOSE. it's a tasteless sugar and is one of the compounds found in beans (that leads to fart city). dissolve about 5g of it in anything that he's likely to eat, and he'll be so gassy, he'll be sure to avoid your stuff.

giving a roomate bad gas isn't necessarily a good thing
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Roomies rock



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Originally posted by JayIsBored

giving a roomate bad gas isn't necessarily a good thing

i see your point, but it'll also make meeting girls impossible, and make him disliked at work ;)


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Make some pasta and when you're done put a some real hot stuff in their and when he's freakin go up and say what's wrong with you. He'll say "This stuff is way to hot" you say if you don't like my cooking than FUCK OFF and stop wasting my food:cool: Jay


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actually my secret weapon in the kitchen is visine...couple of dabs of that shit in any food or drink.. bam!!!!!!!!!! the fucka has got the runs like never before =)
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