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Roomate Needed --> May 1st

The Kid

TRIBE Member
My roommate is moving out, so I'm looking for someone to take his place.

The apartment is located at Danforth and Greenwood (2 minute walk to Greenwood subway station). There are high ceilings throughout and the place is huge, lots of storage space. Living room is great, lots of windows so it's nice and bright. Awesome neighbours downstairs. This apartment is music and weed friendly! Pets are fine, as long as you clean up after them! There is an alarm system right now which I may or may not keep.

I'm looking for a responsible, clean, easygoing person to move in for May 1st. Rent is $400 per month, plus gas in winter and sharing any bills (i.e. telephone, cable, internet access, etc.).

Anyone interested in arranging to come by and see the apartment (or if you have any questions) shoot me an email at:



le kidski
aka geoff
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The Kid

TRIBE Member
For those of you that have inquired about the place - just to let you know I'm away for business starting tommorrow and won't return until next Monday. I will be checking my email from time to time however, so feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.


le kid.