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Roomate needed July 1st for D/T Loft


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Once again, our search for a roomate has begun. We did have someone lined up for it, however they have recently backed out and now were left scrambling.

So here are the details:

Date Available: 7/1/2006

Rent: $730
Deposit: $730
Cost of utilities: $0
Utilities Included: Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat, AC, Trash
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 4
Room Furnished: No
Occupants: 4, Age 24-34
Gender: 2 Straight Male(s), 1 Straight Female(s),
Work Schedule: Professional (9-5)
Cleanliness: Average
Smoking: Smoking
Party Habits: Weekends
Pets: None
Children: No
Residence: Air Conditioning, Deck or Patio, Wood Floors, Fireplace, Laundry, Dishwasher

Woodsy downtown loft located on top of restaurant in the Entertainment District is looking for a fourth roomate ASAP. You will be living with 2 gentlemen (ages 29 / 31) and 1 female (23) with full-time jobs who are easy going & fun. The loft is a 2 storey one with an open concept kitchen, livingroom & dining room. The pictures show the wall being an ugly hospital green, however we have painted since those pics have been taken and all walls (except one little portion) are painted beige (or better known as desert sand..lol) We have a washer and dryer as well as a dishwasher. Lots of ammeneties around us, including steps from the subway station (Osgoode & St Andrew stations). We have a massive patio located on the north side of the building that is exclusively ours. We are normally quite quiet during the weekdays (with rare exceptions here and there), and then tend to let loose on the weekends.

Looking preferrably for a female with a steady job who is easy going, fun and enjoys going out, having a few people over at times, and just generaly not a stick in the mud. The reason we want a female is because you will be on the same floor with another female (and tend to be neater and quieter), but will take a male under the right circumstances.

Any questions concerns or if youd like to see the place, please send me a PM, or email me at chris_carbon@hotmail.com




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"tend" to be.. in my experience with female roomies.

Except for their bedrooms which is mostly FILTH.

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