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room/s for rent - Annex House! + LF...


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There are rooms available in the place I'm at. We are on a great annex street near Spadina/Dupont. Love the area and house with big deck. There are 4 people sharing the apartment on 2nd floor of the house. One person is moving out July 1st, and the other August 1st. There will be 2 rooms available over the summer at those times.

I recommend this place for students or anyone really who likes to live in the company of others! The rent is $500 + utls. If you have a friend who is also looking for a space this may work... Please keep in mind the rooms are small, but there is a shared living room, and kitchen, and one bathroom and some closet space. Laundry is on site. Bike racks in the yard and cats are OK.

PM if you have questions!

ALSO I am LF a place with 1-2 roommates (+ me) - for August/ Sept/October 1st...
Preferably rent is around $600 or less (or maybe more - but not sure yet!); and it is located in any of these areas: King/Queen West, Little Italy, Bloor Subway line (no further than Dufferin/Sherborne), but I am open minded. Also PM if you think anything cool is available. I'd be happy to discuss my attributes as a roommate and current job, etc - as well! :)
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i have a three bedroom in lil italy and 1 roomate is leaving, the rent is 580 if you're interested. it's a while away but i really don't want to move as the area is very lovely. the house is bright. it's nothing fancy, an older home but i've painted the kitchen and re did the grout and put in a shelf you know?

your room would be beside mine though so we'd need to discuss if you're a crazy bitch or not. i just want to live with someone clean and non insane.

my roomate is always at his girlfriends house, im at my boyfriends house a lot of the time, so it's a pretty good deal as far as roomates go.

pm me or email gorbecki @ gmail. com if you're interested.