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Room mate needed


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We'd have to meet first and the rent would change with 3
Not against couples but email me and we'll go from there:cool: Jay

Temper Tantrum

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^^ I dont think you understand...it would be aphrodite (shannon) and chiclet (marcia)...

Allie's yelling at me cuz im not remembering her name...hehehe
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700+ a person
I really want to keep it
Nesta come move in and we'll start our own night in here.:D
Spread the word everyone
Thank you
PS Bedroom has walk in closet
Big front room
Nice balcony with view of the gardens
No bugs:D


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Yeah it costs a lot to live down here and it's going to cost a whole lot more if I don't find me a good roommate:( Jay

Technocratic Girl

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I am also looking for a subleter in Montreal for a room I have (and others are available in the house) from May- End of August.

The rent is super cheap depending on the room: $200-$350 CND
We're giving it away practically.
The location is Prince Arthur and St. Laurent, on a cobblestone street near stores, clubs, bars, etc...

Email if you'll be in MTL over the summer: womenoftekno@hotmail.com

Thanks... :cool:
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hey are you still looking? i've got a friend at work that has to move out of her ex-bf's place by the end of this month cause hes moving....

She might be interested