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Room for rent in loft May 1st or June 1st $490.00


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1 room for rent in 3 bedroom loft @ Greenwood & Danforth

3 min walk from Greenwood subway

Old club rennovated into apartment. About 1800 sq ft. 2 bathrooms/original 15 ft oak bar in kitchen. Washer/Dryer.

Bedroom is a good size and has 2 huge windows in it.

Rent is $490.00 this includes hydro/cable/hi-speed/phone ect..

I have 2 cats a Siamese and a Burmese.

Place has lots of room if you have your own furniture.

Roommates 2 females. Me late 20's office worker/dj - but i am very considerate with my noise level and i would expect you to be as well.
Both artsy.

People who cannot do dishes and leave them sitting - do not apply!! pretty laid back but expect equal responsibilities when it comes to chores

pm me or email me ninaflower@rogers.com


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pauly j

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any chance you might be able to post some pictures of the place?

sound like the kind of place i have been trying to find.

pauly j.


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K here are some pics - not the best the batteries were going dead in the camera..
There is also a decent sized closet that is not shown in the picture and a lot moe space that is not shown in pic room for desk/dresser ect...


The Bar

This is actually all on a stage - all this stuff will be cleared out, but the stage will still be there, and stuff can be put there if you like


One of the bathrooms

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i'd be all over this if i was looking for a place. The place looks great, the price is right, and i LOVE siamese and burmese cats.

oh well.