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Room for rent - College West


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Hey kids!

We are looking for a smart, clean, responsible and creative professional or student to share our amazing home. We are 3 professionals working in the film/animation industry. The house must be seen to be believed - it contains everything from a cozy fireplace to a lush backyard to a media production studio. Ideally the next addition to our home is someone who can not only share our space respectfully, but also click with us creatively and join us in our crazy adventures.

The details:
The room is on the top floor of a huge 3-story house, as described above. In-house laundry, cable, internet etc. 1-minute walk to College streetcar, 10-minute walk to Ossington subway. The rent is 650, plus utilities... if you add all utilities plus cable and internet it comes to 750. It's available immediately! We're looking for someone by Feb 1 at the latest.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an awesome place, PM me right away!
Is this the same place that Brandon/Tommy used to live? Hi BA.

I too can vouch that it's a sweet palce, great location and very close to TTC

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Ya I can also say that the place kicks ass!

Been there and loved it. If you are looking, take a look you wont be let down.