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Ront Trent's latest live mix...

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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just got up...

beautiful sunny day, fresh cup o' coffee, proper deep house mix to listen to (it's ron trent. let's not get silly now. of course it's gonna be proper!) ... ahhhh. enjoy.



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I'm about to take a massive walk around the neighborhood, this will be the perfect accompaniment. Thanks!


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word. i can tell from the first bar i'm gonna feel this mix.
nice and slow and moody, with the harmonica!
ron's the man. one of my fav's for sure.
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oh yeah. little bit of detroit housejazz goin on.

LOVE this record. bahr bahr bahr.......bahr, bahr, b-bahr.

filthy soul.
-kinda hard to hear on the recording cause of his eq'in though.