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Roni Size - Playtime - [dub]

Juan Love

TRIBE Member
Did Size sample Aphex Twin on this one?
If so what's the tune called?

Listen Here

And on the same tangent as the other discussion of Full Cycle's alleged decay: is this dub a taste of the solution or just another part of the problem?


TRIBE Member
I think that this dub sucks.

I used to like Full Cycle a lot, but a lot of their stuff is like the same loop for the entire track :rolleyes:

Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
nothing special. i can kinda hear where they were going with the groove. but FC seems to be stuck on that one type of rhytm with the same snare that they have been using since 26 bass, or before. Almost as bad as Dillinja, but actually, D has been doing better i think.

Tricky kid

TRIBE Member
yeah D is doing very well right now. pretty much running the dancefloor...check out the track listing for some of andy c's sets on D&B arena like 3-5 D tracks a set.

full cycle have lost it. i hope they can get it back. supposedly they are supposed to have some big things coming out this year. like a full cycle lp.

i guess time will tell.:rolleyes:
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