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Roll Call: Scream for Darfur - April 30th @ Queen's Park - 1pm


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Hello Tribers,

STAND Canada and Project Equity is holding a rally being held at Queen's park this Sunday to protest the ongoing genocide in Darfur. This is just one of a series of rallies being held throughout Canada and the US.

For those of you have not been following the crisis, Darfur is in a state of emergency and desperately requires aid and intervention, but the world has done close to nothing.

This Sunday marks an effort for people to stand up against the atrocities.

Where: Queen's Park
When: 1pm

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Project: Darfur

About five months ago, 3 high school students and one university student got together and decided to do something about the crisis in Darfur. While things were slow to start they have really grown quickly. What started as three kids meeting up at Starbucks once a week has turned into a huge event supported by Oxfam Canada, Amnesty International, CASTS (Canadians Against Slavery and Torture in Sudan), STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur), War Child, UJA, Canadian Jewish Congress, The Sudanese Human Rights Coalition, The Darfur Association of Canada, and many other youth and faith based groups.

Speaking at the rally are the Honourable David Kilgour, a former Secretary of State and Liberal MP who crossed the floor to become an independent partly due to Canada’s inaction in Darfur, Dr. Norman Epstein and Dr. Acol Dror, the co founders of CASTS and huge Darfur activists, and the Honourable Olivia Chow. Special guests include the Honourable Jack Layton and the presidents of The Sudanese Human Rights Coalition and The Darfur Association of Canada. We are also waiting for confirmation from other prominent politicians who have expressed interest in attending and speaking.

Something magical has happened. Four students with no past experience in politics or event planning, have managed to mobilize an entire generation. We have created an assembly about Darfur that is traveling around to 6 different schools, both public and private, in the next two weeks. We have had nothing but enthusiasm from youth to whom we speak. This generation is coming together. We are uniting over an issue that transcends religious, cultural, and political differences. We have been called apathetic, and we are breaking that stereotype. Please help us spread the word about this event, where people of all ages are welcome. When it comes to Darfur the world has been quick to talk but slow to act, and thus the role of leaders has been left to us.

We are showing the world that Canada’s youth are a force to be reckoned with. We are showing the world that we will not stand idly by as this crisis continues. On April 30th we will stand in solidarity with thousands of like minded people rallying in both Washington D.C and San Francisco. Here in Toronto, at 2:00, in place of a moment of silence we will hold a 10 second “Scream for Darfur” because more silence is useless when the world has already been silent for so long. Please join us, and please help us get the word out about this important event. The children of Ontario, and the people of Darfur need your help, will you provide?

For more information on the current situation in Darfur please visit: www.savedarfur.org

Click here for directions to Queens Park.

Current Line-Up:

Confirmed speakers:
• The Honourable David Kilgour (Former Secretary of State, One of Canada’s most passionate advocates for the people of Darfur),
• The Honourable Olivia Chow (NDP MP),
• The Honourable Bryon Wilfert (Liberal MP – Associate Critic of Foreign Affairs),
• Dr. Norman Epstein & Acol Dror, Co-Founders of CASTS (Canadians Against Slavery and Torture in Sudan),
• Mohamed Haroun (President of the Darfur Association of Canada),
• Elfadil Elsharief (President of The Sudanese Canadian Human Rights Coalition)
• Also present The Honourable Jack Layton (NDP party leader)

Speakers who have expressed interest (Awaiting Confirmation):
• MSF Doctor recently returned from a post in the Darfur/Chad region,
• The Honourable Irwin Cotler,
• Gerard Kennedy (MPP and Liberal leadership candidate)

• Half Dozen Down (funk rock),
• Dylan Murray (reggae),
• The Samba Elegua (samba)
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