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Roland R-8m (the rack version) w/ 808 & 909 cards = [$300]


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If you're a gear guy and are looking for the first machine that emulated the the 808 and 909 sounds.... you'll want this box. It's been part of my studio since 1998 and has 8 outs. What makes this synth valuable is that I've got the 909 and 808 cards with it. (as well as a sound effects card)

Those two bad-boy cards alone make it worth getting.....

Read the Vintage Synth review on it here: http://www.vintagesynth.com/roland/r8.shtml
One of the very best drum machines ever. It has excellent sounds which can be expanded by adding additional sound cards (808 and 909 cards). Great rock, electronic, ethnic and industrial style drumkits! Most of the sounds are editable - tune, decay, attack, nuance, output, etc...
A single-space rack-mount version - the R-8M - was also available. It had no sequencer but it did have the R-8 sounds and the ability to read R-8 expansion sound cards. There were also 8 individual outputs, 12 voices polyphony and 4-part multitimbral MIDI.

not the actual unit, this is just a net picture

price: $300 firm

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Sonic State Review: http://www.sonicstate.com/synth/roland_r8m.cfm

There aren't that many rackmount drum machines around, so it's fortunate that such a good drum machine was the basis for this 1-U unit. The R-8M is everything the R-8 is, plus a little more. The manual claims 16-bit samples of 68 different internal sounds, which can be augmented by R-8 ROM cards.

One thing the R-8M has over the R-8 aside from form factor is ROM card support: The R-8 can only take one ROM card, but the R-8M supports up to three. Drum kits can use sounds from all three ROM cards at once, clearly a boon for when you have that perfect drum kit that's missing just that one sound from some other ROM card.

Comments About the Sounds:
Although the number of samples are limited, they are clean and have a real bite to them. They're simply the best drum machine sounds in existence outside of a sampler.