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Roland DJ 2000 Anyone use it?


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Im thinking of picking one of these up on the weekend..

Anyone have opinions on it?



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dj 2000

I used to have one a couple years ago. i dont know how much they cost now but it wasnt a bad mixer. the effects unit is so-so and if you're planning on using some live PA gear in addition to vinyl the midi-tap feature my come in handy.



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That mixer is solid. I love it. It's the one I was going to buy, but it didn't have enough space for a 19" rackmount. I went with the DJ-1000 (also a solid mixer).

As for the 2000, I like the effects. I find their flanger much better then the Pioneer. Plus, for all the gear heads, it's totally MIDI syncable. Plus, (the selling point for me) the mixer delivers clean sound and the crossfaders are extremely easy to change. Great mixer.

AND, Eastern Bloc (a Roland Dealer) is giving big discounts on Roland gear on March 30th when they have their Roland In Store Demo. The guys from Roland will be there to show you all the cool features that the mixer can do, along with all the great new toys they've got.

kid kinetik

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This is definitly a good mixer. A freind of mine has one and I use it all the time. I dont find the effects as user friendly as the DJM 500 or 600 series of mixers although it just takes a little more playing around to figure out. Otherwise the layout is straight forward and the basic mixing controls are really straight forward. I find it has some features that are better than the pioneer mixers and some features that arent as good. The effects are stronger than that of a pioneer, I must give it that and the midi compatability is excellent if your going to be doing studio production. Its a really good mixer and is a nice change from a world ruled by pioneer (even though Im a big pioneer fan). Just my insight, the choice is yours.



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Originally posted by kid kinetik
I must give it that and the midi compatability is excellent if your going to be doing studio production.

It's not even for prodution, really... it's for syncing up drum machines and effects processors (like the Roland EF303... an amazing machine once you figure it out).
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I'm borrowing a friends' DJ 2000 right now and I have to say its an ok mixer. The EQ cuts only go to -16db but there is an isolator on the master. The effects box is completely shit. Distorts the sound and makes it sound like its coming out of your alarm clock speakers. Well maybe not that bad, but there is a noticeable decrease in sound quality. The fader curves on the gains and the mixer are great, very smooth and the monitor section is great. You can either listen to one channel or fade it into the master. Overall, this mixer provides great sound quality as long as you don't use the effects box, a great master isolator and excellent cue/master options. However there are better mixers out there.



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my bro has a DJ 1000. I must say it sounds excellent, and the effects section is awsome. Its very versatile, though somewhat complex. You really need to play with it to get the hang of it, its not as on-the-fly as the effects on a pioneer. The only thing I don't like about it is the construction. The controls feel flimsy.

Why this mixer may I ask? Are you looking for something with effects, or just a solid box?

Peace & love. D


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Right now im going on, the Roland sale this weekend, good reference, the dsp (esp midi), the bpm count, and the fact that it looks



thats bout it...


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It's got an amazing effects enigine, but I'm not convinced with the quality of the faders and other parts. Roland's a solid company with great gear, but they rushed in the the DJ mixer market with the 1000 and 2000 (these are not items they put alot of R&D into). Then again I'm not big on effects on my mixer anyways. So go for it if effects is what your looking for, but if you just want a mixer look around. I've used both models quite a bit and they're pretty reliable (had a crossfader burnout on my once).

Hope this helps.


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