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Roland Dj-1000 mixer 4sale


TRIBE Member
Roland dj-1000 mixer, 2 channels, dsp filters,

Asking $500.00

For more info contact: dj_jace@hotmail.com



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This mixer kicks ass. I still regret selling mine.

Never even used the effects and still thought it was worth every penny. Rock solid design and build and great sound.

$400 is a steal considering they retailed for $675!!!

And, the replacement faders take less then a minute to install.

Great mixer.


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If this was 2 months ago I would have already been mailing you check. I Just bought a new mixer but wanted that one badly.
best mixer with midi sync you can get for that price!


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This is my buddy's mixer. I've mixed on it a couple times. It is still in amazing shape and the DSP Filter is fucking SICK SICK SICK!!!
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